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Always daydreaming!

Hello all,
I'm new here and wanted to get y'alls opinions on daydreaming. I'm a freshman in college right now,and I constantly find myself daydreaming, whether it be at home or in class. I've always been a big daydreamer, but isn't this a bit excessive? I also tend to daydream about things that most likely won't happen, or are not very realistic. ie: going to the same university as someone I like, etc. I know excessive daydreaming can be a form of escapism, but what should i do about this? I will admit, I did not have the best of childhoods, (I was/am very sheltered, and am just now getting out into the social world... still live with parents, so it's hard to get out) but is this something i should worry about? I mean sometimes, it takes such a long time just to do a 6 problem math worksheet just because i'm too busy daydreaming...I also have the hardest times focusing. I may be ADD, but never got tested, I don't like to rely on medication... anyways, what do y'all think?
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A major aspect of having SA is being consumed by though. That's in fact the core of all of our issues. Once some pre-conceived notion is conceived, I immediately focus all of my thoughts and energy into that one thought. This usually ends in panic, stress, and or depression.

I feel for you because I have trouble focusing as well. Try staying grounded by being in tuned to the environment ie: While your professor speak make eye-contact or try focusing on your room in some way.
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Hey csi,

I've had similar problems in the past. If it's interfering with your life & school work, I'd definitely consider talking to a counselor about it, and maybe go down the ADD route. (For what it's worth, I took Adderall in high school, and it's really not that bad.)

When I catch myself fantasizing/daydreaming (my daydreaming is always accompanied by pacing, so it's easy for me to catch myself), I think to myself "ok, that was fun, but I'd better do something constructive now." Making that conscious decision to keep myself busy usually does the trick. Saying it out loud helps, too.

If your mind starts to wander when you're doing school work, don't beat yourself up over it. School work can be boring, and it happens to everyone. Just gently bring your attention back to the task at hand. I agree with imt: it's about controlling what you're focusing on, and that's a skill that you can slowly build up, like a muscle. Mindfulness meditation helps, if you're into that.
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