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Wtfffd. I just don’t get it. How do you make small talk?? Say “good morning” to everyone and introduce myself. Ask “how was your weekend”, smile and nod, giggle a little, then say “that’s nice.” What’s wrong with that? Already considered quiet. I guess I kinda had a stare-off with 2 coworkers when they were expecting me to speak and the conversation moved so slow because I couldn’t come up with something to say. But ffs. For ****s sake. What do these people want? How how how do they do it? I don’t know how I’ll ever make it in life. I really want to move up in my career and there’s no way in hell I’ll make it with my -100 charisma.

I’m scared this is gonna be my life forever. Capped out at $20 an hour and jumping from job to job to job because I can’t communicate. Broke for life. I’m not job hopping anymore. This is it. Eventually I’ll become the most hated person in the office because my quietness will be mistaken for rudeness. I know how it ends. But something has to change. I can’t do this anymore. I need stable employment for once in my life.
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Iím the same way. I tend to job hop when things get too difficult or miserable. Either the schedule sucks or Iím completely miserable at the job but Iím going to stay at my next job I get. I gotta get straight. Like most millennials, my parents were already established at my age. Weíre just too spoiled, narcissistic and self centered lulz.
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A lot of people like to talk about themselves. If you canít think of anything to say, them ask them specific questions about what theyíre talking about. It shows youíre interested and can be flattering. Which is probably why us quiet folks are assumed to be rude.
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It's easy, just literally ask coworkers how their weekend was and go from there. That's what small talk is. You just start talking about things. Some guy at work who I rarely talk to since he's on the other side of the office. We're at the pissing stall and he just asks me how my weekend was and we ended up talking about football.

Im still trying to get use to doing it to girls I find attractive and want to screw. It's tough cause there's like a filter in my mind lol but I'm getting better hahaha

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Still thinking of one.
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First impressions donít always last. As time goes by, you can always change your self-image unless youíre comfortable with how you think other people think of you.
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