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waiting to bloom
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almost 30 and still feel like a teenager...

I don't feel like someone whos almost 30...more like 16-17 aged mentally.

I dont want professoinal clothes or want 2....

I dont wnanna work...I just wanna bang on my drums all day!!!

play the vidya! watch cartoons and eat cereal!!!!!!! lay around!!!

i dont feel emotionally or mentally like super serious......

I have no kids...I am practially a teen in a adults body...

I have so much teen angst really feel angsty most days....

AND I want to be a cool individualistic do what i want...not what SOCIETY wants!!!!!!! ROCK N ROLL BABBY!
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I get that feelings. I don't want to be an adult. Just wanna fool around all day long and figure out the meaning of life. I'm a modern day philosopher wannabe.
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I'm worried that my immaturity is preventing me from being normal.

I don't wear grown up looking clothes, I wear regular clothes like I'm comfortable wearing. I don't know how to cook anything, I don't do the stupid social greeting crap, my apartment looks like a nuclear shelter, not a home.. just has a bed food a desk... clothes... its so empty and non-homely. I'm embarrassed to show people my apartment (not that anyone wants to see it lol) just because it exposes what a immature moron I am. I should buy some stupid pictures of potted plants and put them on my wall or something... but I don't actually want any of that.
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Even though it's not true, sometimes it feels like I haven't changed a bit since the day I turned 15. That I'm just the same person I was back then. The only difference being that now I'm expected to be an adult and have adult responsibilities and have things figured out.
I still have moments sometimes where I need to do something and my instinctive first thought is, "Wait, I'm too young to do that." Then I remember I'm 28 and the only thing I'm too young to do these days is enroll in Medicare.
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Socializing with myself
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When I was teenager people called me old man or they think I'm sus. Near the time about to graudate Highschool, the teachers at my school started calling me Mister with my name. My father's girlfriend family ganged up on me one day calling me a big grown a^^ man, and telling me to get my own place and a job? But at the time I was one month from graudating Highschool to get my diploma. The people have the same attuide about me at the time.

I was a person who depended on myself a lot as a child, and this also includes my thoughts. I was always an outcast in school, because no one knows how to interact with me due to their mentality. My teachers, classmates and parents saw my behavior as abnormal and words as unintelligent/weird. I was placed into special ed classes and speech programs, because of the attuide of my teachers.

From what I learn on my on.

An adult is a person who is socially dependent, because human beings depend on one another to receive a job, sex, knowledge, money, entertainment, food, surgery, and housing. Society thinks that independent people can create their own money, knowledge, fun activities, job, and medicine. When people have to depend on the doctor for health checkups, because the education system never teaches them about their health.

If people think that their independent, then they're not able to keep their sanity in check, because the people mentality can have a social impact on society way of behaving. Not good at all. This forces people to want to hurt people, sell drugs, harm themselves, do porn jobs, steal, and isolate themselves/hikikomori style.

Never had a career, never had an income, never had a girlfriend, regardless of how many times I tried. The people have the same mentality, perception and belief about me since I was a child. The people behavior and communication induces my social anxiety and depression.

The A.I Computers/NSA engineers use a computational intelligence system to design a mentality by translating key information/cryptographic keys into thoughts, logic, and emotions that are fake to manage humanity 24/7.
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Yeah I feel the same to be honest. I don't feel like 29 at all because I have missed out on pretty much any social experience you can imagine since I've been hiding at home for most of my adult life. All those experiences a person who has been through their 20's should have, I can only dream about stuff like that. People my age are so much further in their development as a person while I feel like my life hasn't even begun yet. There's so many things I want to experience that my SA and lack of social skills is preventing me from. Being an adult and having to deal with the expectations that come with that is just too overwhelming for me.
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When we find things overwhelming we need the help and support of mature trusted people...

These are just my thoughts/opinions, I am not a Doctor/Health Professional etc. so please draw your own conclusions.
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Yeah, feel the same way. I still eat cereal and watch cartoons, lol. Though I'd place my mental age around 18-22. I just sort of stopped growing up around then. I'm a perpetual YA. I'm not sure how common it is for anyone to feel as old as they are, though.

Beauty isn't everything. It's the only thing.
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Barbells and kittens
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I'm almost 40 and my mental age is still late teens or early 20's. I'm still into exactly the same things I was back then and don't really see myself as an adult. But the good thing about being an adult is you can live however you want.
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I kind of get what you mean. It feels like some things were never (properly) equipped to help me be at a place that can give slightly higher potential than where I am right now, especially on a social level.

Ironically enough I was the person to listen/submit to those deemed 'higher' than me (authority-wise) and be fine with it. Now in 'the adult world' where people pretty much kiss up to those who are higher on the social latter in hopes to get what they want, I simply cannot do it. Apparently that's how one gets ahead in life via 'putting their big boy/girl/other pants on'.
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I still felt pretty young right through my 20's I think. I got married at 30 and my son was born when I was 35. I definitely didn't feel like a teenager after that.
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Took several years for my mind to catch up with how old I actually am. Doesn't help that people still tell me I look like a teen!

I think a lot of it was not being able to really relate to people my age and older, that have all their **** together. Now that my age has caught up there's a ****load of stuff I feel obligated to at least work on as an adult. Feels fine for me to maintain some of my teenage interests or ideas but it's not how I feel comfortable presenting myself now.

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I can kind of relate. It's crazy to think that I'll be turning 29 this year. Maturity-wise, it doesn't really feel like I'm almost 30.

A person's a person no matter how small. -Dr. Seuss
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I don't think I reached mental maturity until around 6-7 years ago, and by then my life was already a pile of ashes, along with any (theoretical) chance of turning it around. I've also been dysthymic since around that time and suicidal for even longer. I feel like I've inherited a broken-down car I can't do anything with and that should frankly be in the scrapyard.

On the other hand, I'm not necessarily envious of people who "have their act together". When my parents tried to shame me with something like "you realize some people have a family by your age?", I just had to laugh. They had children, now they're estranged and stuggling to make ends meet. They contributed to climate change, spent years and years tending to a life that doesn't even want to exist anymore and might not outlive them. They're already watching their own bodies giving out on them day by day, and that's the fate of everyone who doesn't manage to check out early. Doesn't matter how much you "had your act together" during those few decades, you'll still end up as a rapidly decaying husk that has served its purpose. Maybe you spent that time indulging in frivolous escapism, or maybe you spent it as a busy bee, generating income and fresh peons for the state. It doesn't matter in the end, entropy has its way with all of us eventually.
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Loathed Loiterer
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In terms of life experiences, I do feel like I'm still much younger than I really am. But then all of the bullcrap, worries and being able to see through many people's flaws and hypocrisy, it reminds me of how old I really am. I do miss the younger blissful ignorance. Being able to tune out the piling bullcrap of life and focus in basking in the blissfulness. Older you are, harder that is to do.

What goes up, will inevitably come back down. Whoever you have to step on when you go up, you will be at their mercy when you go down.

The truth is strictly what the ones in power perceives it to be.

Enjoy any good things, even the little and menial ones, as you will never know what impending distresses could descend upon you in a moment.
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ssɐlƃ ƃuᴉʞool ǝɥʇ ɥƃnoɹɥ┴
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I kind of wish I still felt like a teen, it was nice. I sometimes miss being a teenager.. Now in my mid 40s, I don't feel like a teenager, but I don't feel like an adult either, most days I don't even feel human for that matter. Not that it is a bad thing, I don't think I would want to feel like an adult, whatever that feeling may be. It all comes down to perspective though, my thoughts of what being a teen is like are based upon my own teen years. I did feel more connected to the world in my teen years though, as I grew older I lost touch with society, and now live almost entirely in a world of my own design. I suppose I was living there in my teen years as well, but perhaps a little less so than I do now.

I live much like I think a teen would though, I still enjoy playing video games, watching cartoons, eating food that I shouldn't, well.. I live much like a teen would have in the 90s or early 2000s.

(つ 𓎟)つ┳━┳
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Yeah I turned 30 recently and I'm still mostly like a 14 year old (although not really me at 14 I was a bit different/more hyper then if I read old blog posts,) also somewhat stuck in my early 20s. I haven't developed in any way since then so it makes sense.

Though when it comes to media or whatever it seems obvious to me that a large percentage of millennials eg: people in their 20s - mid 30s or so are into lots of childish/geeky stuff it kind of went mainstream.

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
Yet another man lost to irony poisoning, cynicism, hyper-self awareness and the inability to be sincere.

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From what I've heard/seen/read/experienced, that feeling of not being a proper adult never leaves.

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In some ways, I relate more to people in their early twenties who still haven't experienced much life. It seems like a false similarity though since I've failed the test of adulthood many times while these people haven't.

I feel like a pre/early teen only when I'm in a regressive emotional state. [it's tied to a strong desire to become as vulnerable as I feel in those moments, so it has to be pre-puberty for me, my brain just refuses to accept adult male vulnerability in any non-superficial way, so I sort of have to dissociate from my body and mind to allow myself to feel that way, but I don't like others to react to this in any way because I know it's a lie and I know I can lie to my own brain but not to other people's brains].

the truth may vary
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Originally Posted by SilentLyric View Post
I don't feel like someone whos almost 30...more like 16-17 aged mentally.

I dont want professoinal clothes or want 2....

I dont wnanna work...I just wanna bang on my drums all day!!!

play the vidya! watch cartoons and eat cereal!!!!!!! lay around!!!

i dont feel emotionally or mentally like super serious......

I have no kids...I am practially a teen in a adults body...

I have so much teen angst really feel angsty most days....

AND I want to be a cool individualistic do what i want...not what SOCIETY wants!!!!!!! ROCK N ROLL BABBY!
I still feel like a kid in my body because my body is kinda different from most people im thin but still have meat on me most ppl when they get older get thicker i stayed thin as i got older.
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