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Friend ignore me for no reasons

So to the start I started college late she (call her c) was the first person I met c asked if I have anyone to hang out with and I said no she said I can hang out with her and it started like that

and it was just me and her hanging out and I started to get more used to her and she told me a few secrets and for them who know me know that I’m a secret keeper regards on what someone did or said no matter what I will not spill any secrets out and I was there for her when she had drama going off with this mate of her because she was talking behind her back because she was jealous of how much she’s doing well in the course and me I don’t talk behind backs I mean I’m happy with how much she succeeding when I know myself that I ain’t but I ain’t that the type to put people down because they more successful but turns out she still mates with her when I tried my hardest to tell her that she can’t trust her

Anyways so I been having trouble with my attendance at college and here’s abit about away from college life so I been taking the mum role for my siblings for awhile now ,my (1 and 2 year olds) mum hasn’t been around but I been staying with her boyfriend (in his house) for around one and half years this was because something kicked off with my dad and I didn’t want to return back but the reasons for my mum not being around is she’s been having issues with the council and stuff like that about her house because she might lose it because the past years she always been living with her boyfriend but I couldn’t care any less because she’s down for neglecting her children anyway so what’s new

So c knows about my siblings and how I look after them and stuff and she knows I have reasons for not being in college and she would always message me if I’m ok if I haven’t been in or if I’m coming in or not I mean c always wanted me around everywhere she went I even was going to the wrong English because she wanted me to be with her but college messed my timetable up for that anyway but she then started (this was months later) talking to this other girl (call her a) and I’m alright with her but I noticed c started telling her things that she would normally tell me and I’m just standing there like a ghost walking behind them like I’m not there but this didn’t last long (not what I thought) and it was soon just me and her and yeah

2 weeks ago I haven’t been to college for about a week but week after I messaged c I was gonna be late and she said ok see you soon then I ended up travelling down to nottz because my mums boyfriend was dropping my mum back so I thought fu^k It i wanna go so I made excuses to c saying I was going down to nottz so my dad can sort my bank account out (not true but my dad is doing this anyways soon) and she replied college is More important you can do that another time I forgot what I said but she ended saying stuff like it’s my fault that everyone is waiting to move on to the next unit because they all waiting on me because I’m behind on work then I was saying stuff about it wasn’t the course I wanted to do anyways so basically she was having a full on go at me like no one understands what it’s like taking responsibilities for your siblings ,worrying that my mums boyfriend might have ran out of nappies but unable To go shops or he’s struggling to cope because lately he’s been feeling trapped so I miss a day off college so he can go to his mums to do some work for his dad or go shopping while I’m in the house with my two siblings but some says it’s wrong and I shouldn’t do it but all this is my mums fault

Anyways so few days later I come into college I let C know but She doesn’t reply to my message but I know she’s seen them I messaged that I was waiting for her outside her English but no reply but she came out the lesson I went up to her and said “you been in for awhile” and BOOM I got BLANKED and I saw she was with theses other girls in our group while I’m just there walking behind and just ignored completely until she finally said something

“You actually turned up then”

I said yeah Then they started walking and I whispered “yeah wish I hadn’t now” and didn’t say a word to me just carried on walking with her new pals that she replaced me with because they are more fun and less boring and quiet (that was she said about me “as a joke”) and I knew something was up like ‘was it because I didn’t turn up that day’ or ‘is she just ditching me for them’ ‘is this her way of saying she doesn’t want to know me anymore’
Like this is not like her she always needed me around and so did I, i been there for her more than them girls have and she threw it back into my face by blanking me like I got so annoyed I ended up just going and I told her “I’m just going upstairs” and her answer was “ok then” and that like....wat she would normally say “come with me” or “stay with me” but it was like she wasn’t bothered she was more interested in her new pals so I went up to lesson on my own and it was only just the beginning of lunch and I felt betrayed and used by her

So I ended up hanging out with my boy mate (call him b) and he’s the only one who gives good advice so I asked him and he gave me the advice to leave her to it Because soon she will be running back to me once her new pals go against her

But anyways I went Wednesday and she’s still acting the same I have messaged her “hey what did I do wrong” she seen it but no reply and she’s not acting the same and I don’t like it and I’m starting to think is it because I’m boring or is it becUse in quiet

Please help me I don’t know what I did wrong by her
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