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Family won't understand

Hi Im Matt. Im new here. Just need too vent to people who understand. Ive had social anxiety my entire life. I didn't know what it was for a very long time, but i definitely felt the affects as early as i can remember. Even before kindergarten i remember freezing when people would speak to me. Suffering with this my entire life has really sucked. I recently have been more in tune with it as far as acknowledging that i have it. Im 95 days sober from alcohol so my ultimate coping mechanism is out of my life and facing social anxiety without it is very frustrating. My parents never understood why i slouched, why i was always tired, why i loved my bed, why I've always been in bad shape. Im 30 and they still don't get it. My dad told me 2 months ago that he didn't believe in anxiety. My mom wants to help but won't listen when i say Im not comfortable around other people when there is alcohol present. I want people around me to understand that all my issues have been caused by this but they refuse to. They tell me Im wrong. They force social activities on me. They get mad at me when i don't want to go and make me feel bad causing me even more anxiety furthering my suffering. They don't take it seriously. I couldn't actually say any of this out loud to person. I would freeze at the third sentence and forget everything that i wanted to say. When i was a kid if I had to confront someone about something i would just start crying. I cant get words out and say how Im feeling. Sometimes il have a major breakdown and be able to get a little bit out, but it usually ends with my parents telling me im wrong and that i need to exercise and be around people my own age and there's nothing wrong with me. Any advice anyone has for me would be highly appreciated.
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If they haven't understood already, unfortunately I think they will never understand. You will need to learn to live without their understanding, that's my advice. Truth be told, without society's understanding.
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I'm assuming it's hard to confide in them. Is there anyone that you talk about this with? For me, I barely talk about it, because no one understands. I usually tell them a certain situation is getting the best of me, and that I don't expect them to understand. But at least just getting it out of my chest helps a bit.
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