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What were popular hobbies at your school?

Mine were football and listening to music.
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we had soccer, gaelic football, hurling and basketball and also athlethics
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Hacky sack lol. Because stoners.

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Hmmm. I don't remember. The school I went to through most of my teen years was a small private school so there were only a few other guys in my class. A couple of them were into gaming (such as it was at the time - Nintendo was pretty much all there was) and RC cars.

That was kind of the problem with that kind of school. There wasn't a lot of variety. I wasn't exposed to a lot of different types of people.

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I don't know - I was never all that interested in what the others were doing there much. I spent a fair bit of time in the library studying.

Probably a fair bit of football - and many of them seemed to enjoy fighting. Some of my friends even did - down in the locker rooms. Not my cup of tea so I'd just leave them to it.
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Ball hockey.
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Jocks, athletics, nerds, geeks, rockers, hip hop music, skateboarders are a constant no matter the generation it seems. So just for the ones more unique to the trends at the time... breakdancing, hacky sack, kids driving cars modified to look like Fast & Furious cars and drag racing near campus, pro wrestling where kids will wear their shirts and mock doing the wrestling moves on each other. Another one is several groups of kids doing dangerous stunts to mimic Jackass because it was the cool thing at the time. There was also a few grafitti/tagger gangs in my school as well where they will sneak around town at night tagging their moniker all over as a rivalry or turf war with other gangs.

Also the first kid in school who had it, he was a geeky basketball jock who was on the low end of the jock totem pole. But when rumors spread he had one, he suddenly became this mythical school figure. He was known as the Ipod dude. Unfortunately for him, his popularity was short because this happened just months before he graduated. In the year book, there was entire page dedicated to him posting with his Ipod, the device of the future. When everyone else were still walking around with cd players, and binders of CD-Rs of mixes.

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Hunting and drinking were big at my high school. I was into the same things I'm still into now. Reading, gaming, cars, and gym.
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Music, skateboarding, and sports, mostly football and hockey. Drugs and alcohol of you want to count those as hobbies.

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