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What hobbies do you not appeal to you?

as in common hobbies

i would say
Reading Novels.
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Drinking isn't just a hobby, ok? It's a lifestyle, man.

But anyway. Gaming. I know there are a lot of gamers out there but it never really appealed to me. Basically stopped playing video games in like 10th grade.

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Watching sports.

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Golf - esp watching.

Premier League footie.

Barbara Cartland romance novels.
Jeffrey Archer books.

Reality TV and Mr Beast.
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Watching TV/movies. I mean I'll watch them occasionally but my parents watch their TV with literally all of their free time and it always strikes me as absurdly boring. Unless I'm in a theater, which I don't really like in the first place, I need to be doing something else WHILE I'm watching, like playing a game or working. I can't just sit there doing nothing but watch because I get bored.

Sports -- watching or playing. Especially (American) football; has there ever been a more boring thing to do than sit there WATCHING football? People get so hyped up about it and I just can't see the appeal at all. I'd literally rather attend a lecture at the university or even do homework than have to just sit and watch sports, it's THAT boring to me.

"Riding toys" like four-wheelers, motorbikes, boats, etc. Especially boats. I like a good drive as much as anyone but spending tens of thousands of dollars on a fancy boat that you use maybe 2-3 times a year? Yeah, no -- total waste of money IMO. Go find a good simulation game -- you get the same experience without the massive cost.

Socializing obviously... I hate parties, get-togethers, luncheons, any of that crap. And it's always been hard for me to understand that some people actually WANT to do that stuff. No thanks. Of course the biggest one is religion and anything associated with it; as a kid when my parents forced me to go to church every weekend, I literally would have done anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, to get out of it. I have never been so bored in my life than when I had to sit through hours of preaching and sermons. It's even worse than watching football.

Oooh and genealogy. My dad got into a major genealogy phase when I was in high school and I could never understand it. Who cares about who your ancestors were, seriously? So boring!

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Sports. Hunting. Drinking. Girly stuff like shopping for clothes or spa things or playing with hair.

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The internet is the only hobby I think I've ever been able to stick with (or afford).

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Reading in general. Tried getting into it countless times at behest of others. Never could. I think I just lack the attention span for it. Just like my listening and verbal comprehensions, I also have below average reading comprehension in general, something I struggle with my whole life. Reading textbooks or novels, I have to re-read something many times to even just get a faint grasp or guess at understanding of what I read even meant. Casual posting, comments or news articles, I don't have this problem. It's only books, I struggle with. This is why I've always struggled badly to learn stuff from reading textbooks, technical text or following instructions based on reading.

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Drinking: mind-altering substances are a big taboo to me.

Partying:I can honestly say I don't understand what it's supposed to be, or how it's supposed to be appealing. Oh, I've been to parties, and clubs, but it's like an alien crashlanding on Earth. This was before my SA became debilitating, so it wasn't that I felt uncomfortable - I just honestly didn't see the point in any of it.

Exercise: Well, apparently some people enjoy it and treat it as a hobby or even use it to unwind. To me, it's simply unpleasant. Physical discomfort accompanied by a strong compulsion to stop and do virtually anything else. Maybe there's something wrong with my brain, maybe some people are just lucky to have their brain rigged to enjoy straining their muscles. Strangely, I do enjoy the soreness, but that's well after the fact.
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What hobbies do you not appeal to you?

Going to a bar, sport events/ watching or playing sports, on a boat, camping, cooking... stuff like that
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Just a bit stitious
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Drinking and the whole bar/nightclub scene...the very few times in my life I have been inside a bar...it was super uncomfortable and weird.

Sports/fantasy sports/gambling...to me, they are a waste of time and money.

Photography/Painting/the Arts in general....meh...not my thing.

Recreational activities...both indoor and outdoor...fishing, boating, skiing, yoga, the gym, etc...I don’t have easy access to do those things nor anyone to go with. Even if I did, I am out of shape and uncoordinated and fail miserably at most things.
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Oh geez, I actually enjoy many of the hobbies listed. Oh well!

As for hobbies that do not appeal to me...
  • cosplaying
  • stand up comedy
  • instagram influencing
  • amateur radio
  • vlogging
  • dance
  • shopping
  • fashion design
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I don't enjoy cooking. It always feels like drudgery to me. I like football but most other sports bore me to tears. Video games aren't my cup of tea. I hate shopping.
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Any sports. 😬

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A couple more (in addition to watching sports):

Camping - no way. I'm terrified of being eaten by bears. And of bugs.

Recreational drugs - alcohol is fine, but I stay the hell away from anything else. Always a bad, bad experience.

Gambling - I have the worst luck in the world. I'd rather just give my money to charity.

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Sports (playing and watching). I enjoy physical exercise though
Video games. I've tried a few since my best mate is a big gamer but I'm unbelievably bad and get bored very quickly.
Clothes shopping.

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Watching sports, I think I probably watched like one football (soccer?) match my whole life. And I sort of had to do it anyway. My mom watches soccer which is weird. She cheers for goals and scares the f out of me sometimes, lol. My dad never does though, so maybe I got it from him.

Going out in general. (does that count as a hobby?) Especially noisy places. I hate noise and large groups and all that. I can't enjoy food if I'm not alone, so eating out isn't much fun.

I don't like being part of a "nerd/geek group". I used to have I guess you can call them 'nerdy' friends, but for me it's always an issue by issue thing. I don't like feeling pressured to like anything because 'it's cool' or hate it because it's 'lame', and the moment I do, it just does the opposite effect.

Gyms. I only went to the gym once in my life. I have like a serious mental thing against exercise in general. There's just so much physical vulnerability in exercising where other people can see you. I can't imagine a more unpleasant experience honestly.

Cars. I hate cars. Always have. Seems like a noisy weapon of destruction to me. You can't be invisible in a car, and you can easily kill people. Hate cars. Also, at a certain age - like sports - people around my age had this over-the-top obsession with cars and types of cars and how fast this car goes in whatever and all that and it so annoyed me I just shut it off somewhere in my brain and decided never to get near these machines, even if I have to spend half my money on uber rides.

Cards and board games. Especially the ones that required some level of deception or non-verbal communication or stuff. No.

Travelling, especially to beaches and stuff. ew. Sand in toes, sun in eyes and salt in hair, and very happy people in an uncomfortable new environment. No.


Not sure there is much I do like honestly. I dislike most things or can't bother to try them.

Maybe fantasy novels and certain types of information collecting, and drawing. And some weird subset of movies. Can't think of anything else I 'like' or almost like.

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I used to love reading but I find it very difficult now - hard to focus. One thing I could never do is join a reading group. If I didn't like the book I just wouldn't read it to start with - and I wouldn't be even vaguely interested in what anyone else thought about it either. So that would be a problem.

Sports - always disliked them. I can watch a bit of tennis if the people playing are very good. Would never consider doing it myself of course.

Things like board games etc - I played them as a kid with my Grandma and have never played any since.

Probably lots of other things. The only thing I'd call a hobby that I've loved for a long time is book collecting. (rare books mostly) You can do it on your own, find things very easily now on the internet - and then sell them for a profit when you've had them long enough.
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Sports, hunting, cooking, crafting, video games
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Stamp collecting.
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