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What hobbies do you do with your family?

I would
Long walks
Watch TV
Play with the dog
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Mostly just argue, fight and disown each other. You know, typical American family stuff.

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Played board games, video games, biking around, playing and tending to our pet guinea pigs and hamsters. This was done mostly with my sister. My brother seldom interacted with me. Same with my dad, as he was mostly checked out and uninterested with anyone when he's home. Mom, we mostly avoided interacting with her like the plague because nearly all interactions with her were abuse. That was when she wasn't already busy having a tantrum at dad.

Seeing families doing things together like those 7th Heaven families, always seem weird to me growing up. I've always thought families like this are possessed or are in some sort of cult.

My mom often times sees other families like this and wants us to do the same to act like a normal family. She will try to plan family vacations often times, but all of us will refused to go because we didn't want to go being stuck with her who makes us miserable. Dad often times will tell her that he's simply around to put food/money on the table and that's it. This family to him is simply a job, nothing more. Never notice how wrong this was hearing it when I was younger.

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Originally Posted by either/or View Post
Mostly just argue, fight and disown each other. You know, typical American family stuff.
I don't know how typical it is but that kind of describes how my family life has always been. Mainly due to my mother's volatile moods and the fact that I (both) have her genes and grew up putting up with her melting down on a regular basis and so, some of it probably rubbed off on me and combined with my natural genetic tendency to a short fuse.

I think many American families actually get along well but that is foreign to me. Of course you never know what someone's family is like when no one is around because many people will put up a polished facade when others are around. I know my mother always has put on a fake "I'm a nice person" charm when others were around or she was on the phone with someone or something.

I think it also kind of depends on money. Families that have more money have less to fight about (it seems) and people who are always struggling to live have to compete with everyone for every penny. Including their own family members.

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Board games, video games, movies. We talk and joke a lot and i take my nieces and nephew for walk or to the river, and I bring one of my nieces to the skatepark or for a bike ride while she rides her skateboard. She grabs my backpack and I take her to random places lol.

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It's so sad to see everyone's negative experiences with their family. As someone with SAD, I've never had a lot of very close friends, so my family is a huge chunk of my social circle.

I wouldn't necessarily say it's a hobby that we do together, but me and my sisters follow some of the same YouTubers and play some of the same video games series. I imagine it's led to us having closer relationships that if we had no common interests whatsoever.
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Not much really. I guess watching TV together?

We were never the family to really do things together. It sounds depressing, but it's just true. We all kind of did our own things and just lived together, at least when I got in my teen years. Occasionally we'd go out for a meal together, but not often.

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