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I live in a university town/small city. I like that it's clean, quiet, and safe. (Except when people throw bottles at you, or try to run you over.) I don't like that there's not really any LGBT community here, so I feel completely isolated. And the city is small enough that people look at me like I'm a freak. I wish I could afford to move to a bigger city where I would blend in more. I grew up in a small town, and I will never move back to one.

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Lots of hoes & crack.

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@truant: I know you can move to the sort of city that you prefer, if that is what you want to do. There are small towns which are very friendly to "queer" people though.

There is a lesbian community in my small town. A lesbian couple that I know of had a life coaching centre here based on an its-all-in-the-mind philosophy. I had not gone to that place though; it is simply an idea of knowing about a lesbian couple that I came up with while writing this post. LOL.

There is also the glorious establishment which I like to refer to as the "lesbian sock shop". I refer to it as such since I am pretty sure that the proprietor is a lesbian, as she has chosen an obvious theme of queer feminism for her shop -- which has a lovely window display featuring socks and tea towels with intertwined Venus symbols and paintings of Aphrodite. There are cups with the We Can Do It! woman in the window as well.

I bought quite a few of her socks. She also waved and said hello to me in the street, which was nice.
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@XebelRebel Well, anything is possible. But it would be extremely difficult for me. Hard to sell a house these days in the best of cases, and my house is falling apart and flooding. Nobody is going to buy it. And I already have so many things to deal with right now I can't really add a gargantuan task like moving on top of it.

Some small towns may be friendly, but that's very hard to know unless you already live there. And it gets progressively harder to fit in the more you stand out. Being gay or lesbian isn't as bad as being an obviously gender nonconforming "man in a dress". I'm ugly, poor, and have MH issues. I can't see why anyone would be supportive. And I'm not really willing to take that risk. But thanks.

Beauty isn't everything. It's the only thing.
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I like the scenery it can be pretty
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on the coast, near to beaches in dorset, new forest is ten mins from me, some of the lowest unemployment rates in UK, below average crime, best weather in the UK, not far to London, not too far from mainland europe, airport 5 mins from me

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I like the birds and the sky. When I was in Illinois the birds didn't tweet the way that they do here in Georgia. And I like the sky because of how it look on a sunny day. The clouds are much bigger here and the sky is much bluer. I really like the birds and the sky.
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A few things I like about my town/city is that it sits on two harbors and is very close to the ocean. Also the weather isn't extreme. The winter can get a little chilly but no snow.
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