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Do you like anime and manga?

Do you like manga and anime? Would you call yourself a fan?
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I don't watch it often but there's a few things I've watched/liked. Like with a lot of TV shows in general there are a bunch I didn't watch the whole way through or I only watched one season or something and didn't continue. The last one I watched was Princess Jellyfish earlier this year but I started watching that several years ago and didn't finish it, so I was basically finishing watching something I started several years ago lol. The concept of Princess Jellyfish would never happen in a Western tv show so I suppose that's something.

I think my favourite anime series that I watched the whole way through was probably Death Note.

I haven't really read any manga since I was a teenager. I read the whole of Fruits Basket (weirdly never watched the anime of that,) one volume of Gravitation, some other bits and pieces. Also a Korean manhwa called Model. Also the first volume of something called boy princess (I think that was a manhwa too.)

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
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I was into it to an unhealthy degree in adolescence. Nowadays, I still much prefer the artstyle over western animation, but the tropes are tired and I've come to hate how gendered everything is with Japan. I'm sure there are exceptions, and Ghost in the Shell is still my favorite movie.
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I've watched some anime. I've never felt the need to build my identity around it. I like Naruto even though it's sometimes shallow and filled with anime cliches. Thematically I love it though. It's a coming of age story all about insecurities, bonds, tribalism, and divisions between people. All things I care about, but just turn the filler down a notch pls. I love One Piece (just fun to watch imo and the story does actually get interesting).

I've watched but don't really care about but just watched to satisfy my "Goopy Goblin Anime is So Cool Drooling Gamer Brain":
Attack on Titans
Sword Art Online
Fairy Tale

Anime I've watched that I liked quite a bit that I can think of right now:
Cowboy Bebop
FLCL apparently it has more than 1 season now?!

I tried to read the Berserk manga once because of the influence it had on the video game Dark Souls, but I think it got a little dark even for me so I didn't get that deep into it.

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Not manga. Never cared for it. I use to love anime when it started coming here and you could rent it in videoclubs and barely anyone knew about it.

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No, and I donít know why itís so popular.

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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
No, and I donít know why itís so popular.
Same here.

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@Silent Memory


Watch Ghost In The Shell 1995, together.
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I like seinen manga like Berserk, Vinland Saga, Vagabond. My favorite being Dorohedoro. I like absurd **** which Japan usually gets right.

Don't watch much anime though.
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I don't think I even know what anime is. Manga as far as I now are those big glossy graphic novels.

I'm not really interested in them as such - but I do like that particular section in the bookshops I used to go to. I'm very fond of glossy types of magazines etc so I quite like the look of them. Also the smell of the paper - I'm very big on that sort of thing, which is maybe a bit strange but I'm sure is quite common.
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I enjoy anime but I am a lot fussier about it these days.
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Very much so. I like to cosplay and attend conventions, which of course 2020 has ruined.
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I don't even know what manga is, never heard that before. Among the people I knew we never talked about anime so I knew very little about it besides it being a Japanese thing. I've checked out some anime just out of curiosity but I don't really understand the hype about it.
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