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Your top 5 proudest moments in life!


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Originally Posted by conantheworthless View Post
1. Helping up the disabled girl who fell on the floor during high school when everybody was laughing at her.
2. Saving a puppy from running across a very busy road
3. Standing up for this guy from school who got bullied by one of my best friends. I actually made him apologize to him
4. Graduating was a brief moment of glory (in the long run not fruitful though)
5. Having a one night stand (that ultimately led to nothing that night but the intention was there :-P )
You've had some good ones - especially the ones about helping those people or standing up for them.

I'm not sure I could list things I'm proud of like that. I felt good when I got high grades at Uni and got my degree - even though it was just an arts thing and pretty general. I was proud of myself that I could get there at all - I find that sort of thing very anxiety-inducing.

I've had a lot of life experiences but I'm not sure I'm necessarily proud of many of them as such. Maybe getting married and looking after my family for a long time - that's obviously a big deal. And seeing my son turn out so well - but it's not my place to take credit for that really. We have a close bond though so I guess that says something.
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Getting good grades
Being self employed and making money
Playing in a band and getting compliments
Rescuing lost dogs
Finding God

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.”

― Nelson Mandela
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1) I am proud to be a part of the culture which celebrates everything
2) I am proud that I spend my time wisely
3) I am proud that I'm happy with my life partner
4) I am proud of being honest & trustworthy
5) I'm proud of teaching my son sleeping alone, lol
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