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Some video of a fight to the death between a centipede and a large spider set to some to funny music.

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A clip I watched from the DC Universe's Harley Quinn on YouTube.

Bane: "Let's see whose name is Bang now, Todd.

* Bane presses button for bomb*

* Injures King Shark.*

Bane: Hey, Shark Guy, did we kill Todd?

King Shark: Todd....doesn't work Wednesdays.

Bane: Oh, he just have changed the schedule.

I lol'd at that part.

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My wife mentioned the other day she feels sorry for poor Melania - God knows what she's having to put up with in the bedroom now that Trump's all jacked up with steroids.
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Actually it reminds me of this:

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Some Emprodabob videos on Youtube (albeit) they were uploaded from Instragram). Seen them so many times but I laugh everytime.

And apologies for being cliche but I really do like all types of humor - including every single one listed in the OPs post.

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Remembering a story Natu (fellow patient) told in the clinic when I was locked in. It's R rated, and I wouldn't do it justice.

She has the best laugh I've ever heard. It's big like her.

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I think it was a 3 Stooges cartoon.

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Last thing that made me laugh was just now, when my best friend texted me to ask me what my address was.
I've lived at this address on and off for the last 22 years. And she's known me basically that whole time.
That one got me pretty good. She's got the memory of a goldfish xD
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