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While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man, wishing he could talk softly in her ear...

there's a man flirting with her, & reminding her, how wonderful she is.

While you HURT your woman,
there's a man wishing he could show her love

While you make your woman CRY,
there's a man stealing smiles from her.
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I recently offered to help a friend find a new place to move into and go to the hospital later today to be with them to make sure their mom is going to be alright. Ouch

I have a lot of plans alot and I've only just begun
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happy introvert capitaine
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Nothing. Is that bad? LOL
Moi don't care.
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Gave some food to a kitten on the street (real story!)
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Nothing major, some woman said she was leaving her stuff at the table whilst she went somewhere temporarily, I said bring them here.

Be You
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Wishing Time Will Freeze.
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I stopped for a middle aged jaywalker asian couple who walked right into the road without looking both ways. The husband/man show his gratitude to me by giving me a frown with a stinkeye which was a bone chilling cold stare that cut right into my soul. Then he mildly shook his head and mumbled a few words under his breath as I could tell from his moving lips as he walked up the curb.

Positive acts for negative people are the best.

Enjoy any good things, even the little and menial ones, as you will never know what impending distresses could descend upon you in a moment.
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Spend a couple hours a day on average helping people cope with their mental illness.

Are you sure you want to permanently delete this culture? [Yes] [No]
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I had store credit and didn't want anything so I got my dad a small gift.
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I Am Second
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Bought someone dinner and gave someone gas money because they didn't have anything left.

~ The devil told me that I couldn't withstand the storm I replied, I am a warrior of Christ I am the storm. ~
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