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Find my soul mate.
Make good money doing something really awesome.
Get in shape.
Healthy Mind.
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I was just thinking about how I can't imagine a different reality for myself and this is why I have never had long term goals. I'd never realized it before today and it feels like part of me is missing or like I'm a stranger to myself...Anyone else have this problem?
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Gaining weight and go to gym
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I don't know why, but I don't believe I can get what I want so no long term goals for me.

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1. Beating Social Anxiety
2. Losing Weight
3. Getting a Job
4. Finding a Girlfriend
5. Building a meaningful relationship

I Always Sleep, Cause Sleep is the Cousin of Death...
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The Real Kim Shady
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Finding happiness, wherever that may be found.

Life is not fair. Neither is mercy. This is the beauty of symmetry. -ME
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honey eyes123
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Speaking up more, stay focus, not pushing guys away cause im lesbian, self doubt, self confidence
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honey eyes123
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Also start seeing my girl often cause my parents dont want me to speak to her nomore cause she went through my phone and saw us flirting with eachother
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Use private messages.
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To be happy and loved.

No longer posting or reading the public forum.
Please send a PM (or email), I'll still be checking my messages as long as I have any.
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Release a kick *** album.
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My new goal for after new year is to drop 9-10kg in say 12-16 weeks, while hopefully not losing much muscle. Strength training is still my number 1 focus. It should be fairly straight forward since I have a lot of sugar/junk to cut out of my diet, and can keep up protein easily enough.

Other goals. Finish course I am interested in.
5 plate deadlift/4 plate squat/2.5 plate bench.
Maybe try hang out more with the only person I hang out with once in a while.
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- Buy a house
- Improve art skills
- Be more motivated?

Can't really think of much else.
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Oh, 1 more. Raise my dota mmr. Ha. I'm slowly climbing, winning more than losing lately ...through the dropkick bracket.
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-Eat better
-Be more organized
-Take care of my body
-Learn to drive
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not a user title
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"short-long term" goals:
* Get down to 8% fat (currently working on it, probably there in 3 months or so).
* Get back the muscle mass I lost whilst being a no good lazy bum (will do so when I get closer to my lean goal; cutting first to not get fat whilst bulking).
* Better fashionable clothes (already made a lot of progress, but still progress to be made).
* Get my driver's license (my brother lost his car license for the time being, so I have a pretty nice 'Audi TT S-Line' car waiting for me, free to use if I get my driver's license).

Long term goals:
* Better social skills (have made some progress over Christmas, but still a long way to go).
* Study at a university come fall, and not drop out (this ties in with the first long term goal; almost all my goals ties in with each other when I think about it).
* Having a more positive outlook on life (been a lot better lately).
* Fluent in another language outside of English and Nordic languages (taught myself some Japanese in the past, but quit at some point, still pretty decent at it, but nowhere near fluent).

Those are all the goals I can think of for now. I don't want to make them new year's resolutions as those never lead to anything, so they are rather just regular goals.
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i want to keep to my weight lifting goals over the year and maybe get a job again and to get back into making music

i feel the need the need for speed
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In no order -

Get a house, get the money FOR the house,
Go to uni,
Another girlfriend/better half
Go travelling
Lose weight/gain muscle
Martial Arts
Own business
BE HAPPY and free of SA with lots of friends again.
Play in a band again and make more musi etc etc etc
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1)Get a job.

2)Become less dependent on others.

3)Travel some more by myself.

4)Open my own floral shop. It's always been a dream of mine, but I majored in engineering just in case I couldn't complete it.

5)Maybe find someone who'll love me, and not just a shallow
relationship I want a deeper connection even if it's only for a while.

6)Spend more time with my mother. My granddad just passed a while back and I saw how wrecked my mother was. I just want to have a ton of happy memories with her before she goes.
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Discover, track the reasons why humans hate me

The fact is not important. It's true. It won't change

I want the reasons. There might be just one.

Maybe many.

Nobody ever describes the reasons. This is the blind, dark curtain.

Bag-over-head torture routine, tied to a chair, whipped, mentally abused

Nobody says why. They say "I can't"
see, breathe, have or do what I need

Life is so easy. Everything comes naturally. Nothing is difficult for anyone.
It was that way for me. Until about age 25. Never clear.

My goal is to dig up the reason why people fail, and pass that info to others.

Simple 'n' easy for people to judge and say "You can't" That's their calling. Their ambition. Achieved. I wan't to reverse engineer this. Track the underpinnings of molest which reward the effectors. Seem anti-religous. Warfaring to the soul. Leaving a beloved dog outside without shelter, food or drink, cold. Law is cruel. Human speech is redundant.
Painting is better. Timeless. Expression shouldn't be noisy. Loud music is beautiful. Not vocal cords
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stickler for paperwork
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- Travel to Europe (or anywhere cool I guess) and do smart things (like see architecture) but also fun, dumb things
- If not find a boyfriend that I love, at least get more experience dating
- Get a good job related to my field
- Figure out what the hell I'm going to do about that other thing
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