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Originally Posted by writingupastorm View Post
Am I really expected to read all this?

I am a believer the the Twelve-step Program.
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It's because it isn't social anxiety disorder: it is being shy. Some of us aren't confident; some of us have become distrusting ; some of us have a hard time communicating through spoken words. Socially anxious=shy.
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Blank brain from a good doobie is a different form of blank brain from stress related anxiety,
The former is comical. and the latter is terrifying.
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And people wonder why so many of us think that positive thinking is delusional.
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Social Anxiety is just giving a name to the beast.

One I'll turn deserves another.
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Originally Posted by Must be the Ganja View Post
You are correct my friend.

Social anxiety is real. But the point is, it's not a mental "disorder".
While, I do agree with this, bluntly telling people that 'social anxiety disorder isn't real' isn't helping anything. What I think your trying to say is that it's not a disorder because it's not in our genes. (Although medical experts beg to differ) It's something that's developed because of an event, or just over time, even if we do not remember this. It's more like an addiction than anything. A bad habit that feels impossible to control, and we hate ourselves because of it. But bad habits can be changed with time and hard work.
If that's what you meant, it would have been easier and more sensitive to say that because the term 'Social Anxiety Disorder' personally helped me identity my problem and (hopefully) work towards getting through it. For me, you saying 'there's no such thing' really shook me up that I went and cut myself. Because that term, as weird as it sounds, gives me the tiniest glimmer of hope that I'm not just shy. That this isn't part of my personality. That the confident, outgoing person I know I am inside is real. Without that knowledge, I'm better off dead.

So while I do (think) get what you're saying, try to be a little more considerate. You're not talking to your computer. There are real LIVING people on this site.
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Blessed be this thread, agreed with what was said, and yes there is no social anxiety, only fear, social anxiety is just a name for the beast etc.Congrats for starting a challenging and real conversation.

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I love the planet.I really feel that nature is trying so hard to compensate for man's mismanagement of the planet.
Cause the planet is sick, like a fever.If we don't fix it now, it is at the point of no return.
Let's take care of the planet!"
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So this guy found a time machine and decided that cavemen didn't feel any anxiety when meeting others? I call bs.
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I am Pissed

You are so effing stupid it's not even funny. Why don't you do some more research on Social Anxiety Disorder. It's a real mental illness and just like a physical illness like cancer, people can't help if they have it. I am not a social person thanks to my social anxiety. I am too scared to talk to people and everywhere I go I feel like I am constantly being judged. And that is only a small portion of it. People like you seriously piss me off.
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