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The cookies I made came out pretty good.
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I survived my driving lesson and didn't break out much. Also found out I'll only need liability insurance most likely.

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I have a new exercise bike ^^

I can make them legs sexier :P
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I went to courses for photographers
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Finally got to generate an invite code for somebody for I don't socialize anywhere online but here so I just have a bunch of ungenerated invites piling up, since I don't know anyone who wants one and am not willing to put myself out there and possibly be bombarded with requests (or, even more upsetting and likely, get zero replies at all). I wandered into the Deviantart forum to see if anyone's been complaining about Eclipse because I have nowhere to complain about things and sometimes it soothes me to see other people complaining about the same things I do (since the site change there are no categories to sort things into anymore, so I tried tags, but those don't work for me for some reason, so since I have no way to make my stuff sortable/findable in any way, I sadly stopped submitting stuff...doesn't matter much, since my return like 90% of the pitiful amount of attention I get is from hijacked Russian spam accounts anyway, same as Goodreads, when and why did DA and GR get consumed by Russian spam bots? ), and instead saw somebody had mentioned having trouble getting an invite code. Unfortunately their thread was locked by an admin before it could get a reply. ("This would be better suited for your journal!")

I know how sucky I'd feel if I started a thread just asking for some help and got it locked for a dumb reason instead. (User is pretty new, it's ****ing hard enough getting a journal entry noticed now if you're a longtime user like me, since they got rid of the journal portal, too.) Anyway I'm puzzled that it's hard to get a code since users there insist they're a dime a dozen and that anyone who demands payment for one is ripping you off. I asked the deviant if they still needed one although I suspected they'd already gotten an offer, I usually show up too late to be helpful. They said they did and I generated one and sent it (figuring something would probably go wrong because that's just my luck). They said it worked and thanked me and asked if I'd like a piece of art in return. I never know what I'd want anyone to draw for me since I have literally hundreds of characters and I have trouble drawing references myself, so it's not like I could show an artist one and have them draw it. So I make a point to never request art (I don't mind if somebody offers it without me asking, except that I can't draw anything decent in return), plus what I already mentioned about demanding payment for codes being widely regarded as skeevy. I told them it was okay and I didn't need anything in return, was just glad it worked and good luck with the site.

Now I'll be too afraid to set foot on DA for a while lest they have messaged me again and I have nothing left to say. Will probably avoid for a bit too. I hope they don't end up thinking I'm a jerk. I really like to have done something nice for somebody and got a thank you for it (I usually don't even get that much, which puts a damper on me trying to be helpful, I'm not a perfect altruist, a sincere thank you is great motivation for me), but no matter what the circumstances I just cannot get into a conversation without panicking.

Now I just hope I don't regret "bragging" about my good deed since that usually ends up happening, too.


Crud, even my good thing that happened today has a pretty pessimistic spin.

If I don't reply to you, it's NOTHING PERSONAL. It's my ANXIETY.


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(It's legal now!! But Kristeva's already married. ;_; )


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Made up for my lack of studying earlier just now, which is good.

The world is not my home. I'm just passing through.
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A lady I hadn't spoken to in a while said it was good to hear from me.
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I didn't receive any bad news. That's already something good

"Without the knowledge to lead so you just follow the sheep"
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sold 2 things through carousell. still have a bunch of shirts i wanted to sell but looks like ill have to throw them away

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Payed my rent for the month today.

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I had a productive morning.
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