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Some positive encouragement :)

Well, I'm thinking about what makes me sad and what doesn’t. I figure a lot of it has to do with not living the kind of life I want to and having it suppressed by fears. I'm not really succumb by fears anymore and my views have somewhat changed of late. I guess all I'm trying to say is that life is something that needs to be lived fully, but if it can't be lived fully at least make your efforts to try.

(I don't know exactly where I'm going with this but w/e...)

Obviously, we only know what we know and so it's hard for someone to tell us that this or this will make us happy when we don't feel or understand it ourselves. I've been trying hard not to complain about life lately. I mean, why complain? Life is a gift and a blessing. However, an important emphasis I'd like to include is that life is even more so a blessing when we make things happen by our attitudes and our goals throughout life. We are always growing and learning and when we take an active effort to take it all in do we truly live to the fullest.

So yeah, keep up w/e it is your doing that is making you better in your mind. Learn what you need to learn, but try not to forget that your always learning and that by putting an effort towards your goals will you be living fully! Life is full of lessons that teach us many things and it's at its true beauty when we discover something in it worth appreciating, so don't stop doing what your doing. I just felt like typing that out I guess lol.
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is getting over herself
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this reminds me of an excellent post I saw on here a while back. It was written by someone who had conquered his fears and SA. in it, he made a very telling statement - we are meant to live an authentic life, meaning we ought to do something with our lives that fulfills us, in his case, he got into sales because, believe it or not, his heart was in it.

We should all be doing that, it is only the barriers that the SA and concomitant issues put up that keep us from it. I don't think you can be truly happy until this fulfillment is found.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts
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