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twitchy666 06-05-2019 03:17 AM

Self Obsession
from years of cruelty to me. Not from me to anyone

today's supermarket. 6am-7am window of clear road traffic √

crowded place of high volumes of stock on pallets, squeezing between.. NO CUSTOMERS!!! cleaners

my car problems. ratttly engine. too many months in bike grocery mode, car engine negligence. reversed. habit using car continually!

pleasing myself. howling as i enter with trolley.. scared of staff! .. naah, joke.

So SORRYY being here!! not allowed?? a crime being here? 1 other customer. staff such bigots

10 items. could do by bike, but not all three 2-litres fizzy in backpack. none of what-i-want, ever!! scarce. forgot one thing. left stuff on conveyor, phone and wallet! sprinting to opposite corner! crackers. straight back. done. who would steal the phone or payment cards? customers or staff? other place better. i'd mention to attendant please watch my stuff? √ won't be long... generally my theme today and all car journeys.. nothing worth buying.. no stock. why come here. another thing forgot. bike later at 1pm for tin of coconut milk...

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