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Question regarding affirmations / positive-self statements

So, I managed to read Brian Tracy's book "Psychology of Acheivement" and I listened to all the audio cassettes. He says that Positive Affirmations are the key for change, and we must repeat them over and over.

I found this study who says the otherwise, that positive-self affirmations / statements will backfire for people with low-self esteem :

My question is, what should I believe ? Should I keep using self-positive affirmations or they hurt me more ? Please tell me your oppinion regarding your own experience.

L.E. : there is another study that says "self-affirmation may increase feelings of self-compassion, and that self-compassion may be a promising new mechanism for a potentially broad range of self-affirmation effects. "

I`m not 100% used to english, so please explain to me what I got wrong.

Are the affirmations good or bad for us ? thanks
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I tried to go the affirmation route. It didn't work for me. It doesn't however mean it wouldn't for you.

I've read of affirmations and repeating them over and over as a way to reprogram your subconscious, as the majority of your reactions and actions are ruled by the subconscious.
And no matter how long I'd repeat an affirmation to myself, it never stuck because there was a part of me that refused to believe it. It's as though I kept telling myself that he sky is green, when I could see -with my own two eyes - it was blue.

From my research on the subject, some are more open to them than others, who experience severe blockages.

Try and test it out for a few weeks and assess if they have had some effect on you.

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Honestly, I am not a big fan on the whole "positive-self affirmations" and I can see why it would be bad for people with low self-esteem; you probably have to have a certain level of belief you are these things. Otherwise, they seem like a lie. I think you should try it for yourself for a week; of course different activities works differently for different people. I would record how you feel at the end of the session for a week to see if it is for you. Personally, I think to be most effective, you need to write down your own self affirmations that rings most true for you. Good luck!
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