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Need help: A word to describe not achieving an objective WITHOUT defeatist connotatio

Hello boys and girls.

Thank you in advance for reading through this and hopefully offering your insights.

So I try to use my past social progressions and insights to help others. And I was advising someone on how to speak to shopkeepers as this is something I have quite a bit of experience in. So I thought it'd be a good idea to film myself doing it to give them insight into how I'd personally go about it.

I tried this with two shops in one day; the shopkeepers were not very receptive. Nothing I could do. But rather than whitewash over it and keep attempting until I catch the perfect experience, I decided to release a vlog stating how even those who have improved can "fail" from time to time.

Well I got quite few supportive responses, but of the "You didn't fail, it wasn't your fault, you gotta look at it positively", which is all true. But I wasn't trying to be positive or negative. It was just meant to be more of a "See, even I mess up from time to time". Like if a sportsperson says "Hey guys don't worry if you lose. Even I lose from time to time," people would cotton on to the "Nobody's perfect" ethos, and wouldn't interpret it as self-criticism.

So positive guys and girls, I'm just looking for a word that acknowledges that I didn't achieve a particular goal, but doesn't imply that I'm a failure, or even imply a setback as I already feel I've conquered this aspect of my life, and don't mind positive or negative responses now. I simply "failed" to demonstrate it for someone I was trying to help, but I just wanted to let them know not to take such negative responses to heart.

I know I can use a thesaurus, but maybe whatever's suggested here will help others too, in terms of reframing how they view the outcomes of their actions. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your responses.

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