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Name something that you feel grateful for

I was looking over a thread about whether people are happy or thankful or lucky to be alive. I felt like i was neither.
But I am alive, whether i like it or not, and i was trying to find something for which i am grateful for. Also, if there's something you think you don't always appreciate, even though you should... here is the place to acknowledge it. Thought maybe someone else would benefit from this.

I feel grateful that i have my family, because without them i would probably just stop caring and give up. Thinking of them is what keeps me going when i just want to stay still.
I don't always appreciate the fact that I have a good living standard, access to education and this sort of things. They're easy to take for granted.

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My boyfriend. Ive been in and hear of so many people in bad, abusive relationships. Im grateful that he is not like that at all

I guess everything seems much clearer on the other side
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I've lived an incredibly comfortable, safe and privileged life in a country filled with poverty and decades of senseless violence. What greater gift could I ask for?

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Opportunity. I am grateful opportunity, whether I take advantage of it or not.
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My friend said he might come through with some friends. If he does, I'll need lots of alcohol to feel remotely comfortable. That's why he told me in the first place. I was only comfortable around him because I was loaded.
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