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My own daily solution to escaping the anxiety prison

Hello Ladies & Gentleman,

Hope all of are in good health.

ill go straight into the point, for as long as i can remember, i ve been a member of this forum and i think i ve had anxiety since i ve been a kid and it has always caused me problems and made me miss out on things and i always hated and tried to fight it, sometimes i won while i lost other battles, but the war is never ending as i see it, finally after 24 years, i think i ve found a solution that can help me communicate and operate and beat anxiety, i just wanted to share it with you hoping i could help somebody change their state of mind, although its easier said than done.

my solution which i ve learnt from a friend of mine who i ve watched closely and studied is being positive whatever the situation is, just laugh at it and take it as lightly as possible because nothing matters and everything in this world is not eternal, it all ends. ill try to clarify that with two famous examples like, Eminem & Kevin Hart, they both pretty much made their careers out of it, Eminem through rapping about his problems and Kevin Hart through make a laugh & jokes about it and about his fears and personal life. Right now, i just laugh about everything and its working i didn't go mad/insane or have i become the joker lol, but just laugh about ur problems and be positive about it and even if it doesn't end it wont bother you as much, if you are quiet in group, laugh about it, if you have anxiety, make a joke about it

Say the stuff about yourself before someone else says it, pretty much like Eminem & Kevin Hart, Embrace it in your own way if you will, Talk about it, acknowledge it so that even if someone points it out, you wont get embarrassed or stressed because you are already okay with it and know it. This will make you strong and guaranteed to lift up you own self-esteem and boost your confidence in yourself for real. Whether you can fix it later on or live with it till you die, at least it wont bother you

I hope I was able to convey my point in a simple way and I pretty much hope it helps.

Peace out Beautiful People
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