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it's time to let go

Hey there, I haven't been on this website for a while now, but I'm sure if you search somewhere in the history of previous posts you will find my frustrated outbreaks, and that's ok. My life hasn't changed much since. It's even more frustrating now and I still feel as alone as ever, but that's ok too, because now I know it is not my fault. It's just life, and you just gotta realize that nothing in this life is consistent, not pain, and not happiness either, but it's funner that way. You just gotta have a comical view on life. I still think whatever I say is awkward and kinda weird, but now I don't care anymore. You only get one chance to say what is on your mind and to express yourself, and it's stupid not to use it because some random person might think something negative of you. Who cares? You live only once, and I want to do and say and experience all I can before I die, despite of what people think of me. Odds are you won't even be seeing the people you try so hard to impress five years from now, but the amazing feeling of letting go and peace of mind you get from it will last a lifetime. Just accept the circumstances and who you are, and make the best out of them. Don't blame your problems on social anxiety, don't blame anything on anything, it is what it is. And trust me, it's so much greater to be scared, embarassed, nervous, and any other emotion that creeps up on you whenever you try to live your life to the fullest, than to one day find yourself haunted by bitter regret for all the things you could've done but didn't just because some ***hole might've thought something bad of you. It's never too late. We've all missed out on a lot because of SA, and that's ok, because in return we got a better understanding of human struggles and hardships. But starting now, it's enough. It's time to let go, and it's time to be happy. So to whoever bothered reading this long long post until the end I truly hope you embrace your life for what it is, and love yourself for who you are, and find peace in yourself despite all the difficulties.
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Extremely well put Little Birdie, you are a very brave person to have come upon such a discovery! But it's all true, what you said, about living life to the fullest. As crazy as this may sound, I wouldn't change the fact that I'm socially anxious, because it makes me who I am, the person I've become. I've discovered the little ways that make me special, and when I feel awful, I draw on that, thinking back to times when I was complimented, or told something nice. And you do need to love yourself, or you have no hope of living to your fullest. We all have something that makes us wonderfully unique, and the fact that we have SA or any other mental illnes shouldn't change that, it's a part of who we are, what we are, and without it, we wouldn't! You're very inciteful(sp?) for coming upon that by yourself, congrats, and good luck! I'm always here should ya need an ear to vent in *wink*

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what a great message and state of mind. i have my days when i feel that way too, but sadly, they're not as much as i'd like them to be.

even though i don't know you personally, i feel extremely happy for you, that you got away from that negative thinking and have embraced the hapiness and true meaning of life for good.

i wish to get there soon myself. take care!
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Thanx 4 the replies and encouragements guys

And whyme888, I still get anxious in social situations, and I still very often think that I came off awkward or stupid, and I still do want to make a good impression on people, but I think the key to healing SA, is not eliminating the fear, but learning to act despite the fear. Let's say if you are afraid to go somewhere, you can sit on your butt all your life and the fear might never go away, but you are in control of your legs, and you can make them step out of that door even while you are afraid, and if you keep walking with time the fear will slowly fade. What helped me is realizing that nobody is better than me, and I am not better than anybody, we are all equal, except if somebody thinks he is better than me, than I think I'm better, because I think very low of people that are judgemental and who don't take the time to get to know someone before they make stupid assumptions. I guess people like that just don't have enough life experience to know better. And one more thing that helps me a lot is knowing who I am, because without that it's very hard to express yourself. Know your strengh, and know you are a good person, and never ever let other people's opinions shape your own image of yourself. I hope this makes sense, and I wish you the best of luck.
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