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Embracing Within
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I need to do something with my life

I have a few goals that I need to achieve at the moment.

First goal:
Do well in studies, attain my desired GPA and earn that scholarship! This means so much to me and I can already envisage how happy I will be when this comes true! This will not be an easy feat because my course isn't easy. Requires consistent effort and I need to communicate better and speak up more, it's a media course after all. My new year/semester 1 starts next week and I am optimistic for the best to come.

Second goal:
Get my driving license this year. This is not going to be easy because I am lacking a little confidence, not sure if I will be able to pass my driving test. But again, hoping for the best!

Third goal:
Get a part time job during the next semester break. 19 and never held any job experiences before, ahem, it's kind of embarrassing. But I will be having my internship next year, so I think trying out a part time job some time later this year will be a great experience. Honestly, my social anxiety has been gradually deteriorating with each passing day. But I do have my reservations when it comes to new people. It takes me a while to open up to new people and my fear all this while is not knowing if I will be able to get along okay with the co-workers and if I will be able to handle the tasks well. But I am 19 years old...not a kid no more, so I think at some point I gotta "Woman up" and tackle this fear.

Forth goal:
Build up my resume and portfolio. This is really important for my future, and recently, I looked at my friend's resume and what she has so far puts me to shame because of how few I have. So, I got to work on this.

Fifth goal:
I need to be more self-determined and try to keep my procrastination at bay. So this bit relates to my personality, actually. Will be great if I can be more friendly to people instead and hopefully meet some people who can help me figure out things in life. My parents keep advising me to be more open to meeting new people as people are important in life? Idk. My 28 year old cousin who is relatively successful in life advice me the same thing, to find the right friends in life who can help pave way for more connections and opportunities. Sigh. It's easier said done, really. I was never the sociable rose ever, so.....but I do see their point, really, and I also have a lecturer who is really inspiring and has told me time and again that I have the "potential in me" to go further in life.
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Embracing Within
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I am exhausted with how ****ed social anxiety had made my life be for the first 17 years of it, and I will be guaranteed fed up with life in the long run if time moves 20 years forward and I reflect on life, only to think back about why I was so afraid of anything. I don't want my biggest regret in my deathbed to be that I never gave myself a chance. I am always hearing from my friends about how nice of a person I am,but it doesn't make sense to me how I can be nice to others but constantly belittled myself and put myself down. Which is why I am choosing to believe in myself and give myself one chance. Nothing to lose anyways. At least I can proudly say that I tried than saying I never tried at all in the end. So yep, these are all my goals....going to be a very intense fight but I am really driven to make the best use of everything that I have and strive for more. Hope to return here soon some time later and be able to say that I managed to achieve these goals. The one thing that I really want is my first goal and I really need it.
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This is awesome. Congrats on knowing what you want. Just go after it. They only way you can fail is by not trying in the first place. You're a very positive person, keep it up.

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Thank you!
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