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Goal setting in 2021. Let us set some goals in 2021

Like many people around the world, I have had my share of personal struggles last year. From the stress/isolation of working for months on end on isolation wards to watching my relationship/hopes for a wedding vanish into thin air, spending the Christmas season alone.

Its Monday. It the first normal working day of 2021.

It is said that speaking positively has an effect somehow ?? So here goes:

I want to

(1) move further in my career this year. Get a scholarship somehow.

(2) build my body. Become as fit /ripped as I possibly can. Become stronger, faster build stamina.

(3) I will become more confident in myself socially. I have to learn to be comfortably being single again and stop feeling miserable about it.

Linked to 3 above, I must build on my social anxiety. I MUST build on my confidence, even if I have been rejected romantically often....I cannot let past errors define me.

Success is failing 19 times and winning the 20th !

When is a Door not a door ?
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Sell lots of stuff I no longer have use for and be try and be more tidy more often. At the moment I tidy up and a few hours later it starts descending into chaos again.
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In on this, though I think we should be careful to use SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound). Will go the next couple of months ahead.

Areas I am looking to improve:

1. Career. I will do two things here:
a) Apply for every peer support worker job at the local trust where I meet the minimum criteria, over the next year, until employed.
b) Find a voluntary position to allow me to get some clinical experience. Harder to make this SMART, but will be applying for one this month, and keep looking Feb and March (whether these exist due to pandemic is out of my control) - goal here is to get exp to be able to qualify for psychological wellbeing practitioner interviews. a is the primary focus tho, as I'm close to landing the job now.

2. Dating.
a) Sign up for a dating site in Jan
b) Sort out profile and upload my most handsome pics.
I can't guarantee anything else here, as so much lies out of my control.

3. Social Phobia.
a) Gradually expose myself to more situations in the "learning zone" (4-7.5 / 10 anxiety). I will do this at least once a day from next week, for a minimum of 4 days out of the week. I hope to do more, but its hard to get these done due to the difficult nature of the tasks.

4. Wellbeing.
a) Continue bullet journalling the next two months, again, 4/7 days
b) Meditate, again 4/7 days
c) Gym, 2/7 days
d) Compassion meditation, 3/7 days.

Compassion focused therapy audio, guided meditations:

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Awesome ! Let's keep the positivity going !

When is a Door not a door ?
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experimental sincerity
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I've drafted mine shortly after New Year.
1) Start studying law. If this doesn't work out (it's complicated), enroll on an Eng Lit masters programme.
2) Build strong relationships.
3) Buy a home.
4) Learn to play an instrument, however badly.
5) Establish a writing practice/routine.
6) Be excellent!

Leonard Cohen (Bird on a Wire): I have tried in my own way to be free
Mrs Hudson (BBC Sherlock): Sherlock! The mess you've made!
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My main goals for 2021 are:

1) Build my confidence up to make phonecalls (the thought of doing this at the moment makes me feel physically sick)
2) Continue to build my small business online (started in Sept 2020 to help keep my mind occupied during lockdown, and just slowly starting to build a customer base up to get sales)
3) Use both my Blog and Bullet Journal throught the year (blog to start documenting my anxiety online for others to read, and my bullet journal to help keep track of my goals and how I'm coping)

I've already started working towards the first goal, by sending voice notes to people instead of normal facebook/whatsapp messages)

C x
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Permanently tired
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1. Study abroad, if my finances and the situation with COVID improves (I'm still very skeptical if I'll make it work financially, since I'm still getting hit with unexpected expenses even after I've now found a job that I at least thought would help with rent, which is my biggest expense of all. It's making it hard to really save as much as I'd like right now..)

2. Continue working out

3. Continue earning high grades in class

"So many resources keep me alive
Yet I don't even step outside
So many sacrifices keep me alive
Yet I don't even bother to survive."

"If you think we waste too much then you can sacrifice yourself
Don't push your values
Push your values
Onto the crowd."

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Mine has been pretty much the same ever since 2006. One of these years I'm finally going to get off my butt and just do what needs to be done.

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drifting in mist
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Be mindful. Take more time to relax. Be aware of when my mind goes on auto-pilot.
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