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Get to know a girl from class better

I'm not sure how this section works, but I'd like to use it to post this personal goal of mine, to get to know a girl from class better.

Idk why, but I can't think to ask her anything about herself in class... well I do know why, I just don't want everyone hearing our conversation, especially if it goes terribly.

Anyway, I really think I like her, and luckily in a grp together and she asked for me (through phone juggling... which I ****ed up on responding to like a regular person, but fixed things today casually i think...) Anyway... this will be like... the second girl I ever try to get to know (i'm 24, lol...).

I'm not sure what's next, but I'm going to set this goal now, today, to talk with her somewhere more private and get to know her and her to know me cause I'm running out of time.

List of things I will be asking her:
What do you do for fun?
-Are you a musician by any chance?
+Be ready to explain my interest in music

What kind of music do you listen to?

Hey, I noticed your area code is from out of town, where are you from?
-where are you staying hear in town?
--I should have some kind of respons like, oh cool how far / i am too, my place is... / etc.
-are you going home this is where I'm going to tell her that I donated my car to a family who's home was destroyed in a fire a few days ago... yeah! and one of their children was killed, fighting in Iraq! And I'm all like, "I could really use a ride home" and stuff! Good thing I'm writing this stuff down

...what else would I wanna know about her... I got a paper to do, but I'll be back

should I just facebook her now? She's got like 400 friends! ughh.... damn that book of faces! (oh, that's about 400 more friends than me, btw)
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Sounds like you have a game plan.

cause I'm running out of time.
Running out of time? dude your 24, I think you may have a few more good years in you.

As for questions, I cant really help any more then what you got. But-
-What did you do on the weekend, (or holiday)
-what are you doing on the weekend, (or holiday)

They are pretty big, hopefully she has done something exciting and you can just run with that.

If she is into music,
-ask about fesivals, concerts, gigs

Or the keep the conversation going stuff,
-her family,
-friends you share,
-her car (if she is proud of it talk about it. If she isnt then dont)

I am not really good at this. Basically if I dont know the person I say nothing, draw blanks. If I do know the person it just comes naturally, no thought really required
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ummm check this out:

try not to worry soooooooooooooo much about it. When you guy's go on a "date" things will come to mind for you.

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