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Fresh Head

should have handed my Xbox back to pawnbroker years ago

to make some space in my home

today I bagged it well. I expected some negotiation. They'd test to see if it works. plenty ready to say: I'm sure you can reset it and make it ready for sale. I didn't say anything. Just pulled it out to show. they sold it to me. The labels all had their logo stickers with ID. No inspection! whether any tons of gold, supercar, or empty crisp bag, why wouldn't any pawnbroker just say don't want or know what it is?. Turn the box around. label.

I was shouted at. Take it to the other desk. I apologised. I didn't know which was the buy, sell or whatever of 3 of those kiosks or..
so I collected it all again to move to the other

You Can't! Take it! Go Home!

It's yours. Thanks for letting my buy it in Jan 2010. I've had enough. A gift to you. Sell it. Make profit. Put it in the bin if you like.

I walked out, laughing. I expected any attractive electronic item there worth for me to buy, but there wasn't any, so I saved my cash

Maybe I was being a bit posh or onemanupmanshipish I expected a nothing, null or nil transaction. I just don't like electronics going in a dumpster. maybe a pawnbroker might not rejuvenate, polish, upgrade...? just take it or turn it down. What I got from them was that secondhand console.
small shop with 3 desks I can see alcoves through walls to back offices.
Maybe not space to accommodate much more. Same as I wanted that plastic and cables out of my home. Their shouting didn't go anywhere with me. N o handcuffs today! bliss ss sss!

I take my bike to original seller for service, and cars. some other repairers
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