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Do you feel lonely?

Hi guys and girls, I know you are great warriors but in a world like ours, loneliness is one of the main reasons we came here. For that I wanna propose an exercise, so we can both learn from one another. It consists of few questions, in wich we must answer properly. Let's do this.


1. Do you feel lonely?

2. What makes you feel that way?

3. In wich ocasions do you experience loneliness the most?

4. What feelings do you have towards other people you don't know?

5. What strategies you develloped to ease those feelings?

6. What feelings do you have towards the opposite sex?

7. How do you percieve the world without those (negative) feelings?

8. How hard are you willing to take to get out of those feelings?

9. If someone asked you how to deal with loneliness, could you helped him?

My answers.

1. Yes, sometimes I do.
2. The feeling that I could do even better, and the lack of durable relations troughout my life.
3. Sometimes, when I'm home alone.
4. In the past I saw most people as a thread, that happened because of bullying experiences, althougnt at the moment I changed most of that.
5. One of the strategies was exposure and to talk with other people, expecially the opposite sex, althought racionalizing the problem and in some cases getting in touch with lots of other people's life experiences, helped a lot.
6. In the past I saw myself as a loser who could not be liked by anyone, expecially the most beautiful girls. I runned from them. Althought at this point, with regained experience, I find them more approachable.
7. I percieve a world where I can get anything, ANYTHING, without of course, harming other people.
8. I wanna make the oath of getting better everyday, no matter what it takes, sacrificing my confort zone, in order to reach my goals. (I believed I said all).
9. I do. I can help other people with the same problem.

Now it's your turn... let's smash it.
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1. Sometimes. Not in a romantic way. More so in that I wish I had someone to talk to. Like, someone that looks forward to talking to me as well.

2. I've gone from talking to the same person every single day to having zero contact with him. It's still recent. I guess when I had him, it felt like I didn't need to be close to anyone else. And that was a mistake. My introversion and anxiety made it feel like that was enough.

3. When I'm at home.

4. Can't think of any feelings right now.

5. N/A

6. Do you mean in terms of relationships? I just assume no one would be interested in me.

7. Idk. Maybe like there's a chance that I could be with someone and have it actually last.

8. Not very hard lol, I'm a little self sabotaging here.

9. I'm still working on it myself. But I can be a good listening ear.
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1. Yes, I feel lonely.

2. Usually it's because I don't have in person contacts, and sometimes it's because I don't have enough online people to talk to also. When I have social events, I get to feel alienation from that.

3. I experience the most loneliness when I'm bored.

4. I have mixed feelings toward people I don't know. I feel like most are aliens and we probably won't be able to relate, but I don't know, because I don't know them.

5. Over time, I've semi-successfully tried to stop guessing what people are like until I know them.

6. I like women... well, some of them anyway. Have had a lot more women friends than men friends.

7. The world without my feelings toward it would be just the same. It's not as if I'm angry at the world, I just think it's scary through no fault of its own.

8. Not willing to work very hard, apparently.

9. I would suggest finding people, via meetups etc.

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"Many people need desperately to receive this message: 'I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.'" ― Kurt Vonnegut
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during this weird time we are in, I am extra lonely. social/physical distancing sucks
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