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Complimenting people

I noticed I have a habit of complimenting people that they look like a famous celebrity. I don't mean to be insulting or too nice, I just have this habit for the longest time and I wonder if it is bad. I see it like an icebreaker, and I've had it done to me too and I actually enjoy it. Most of the people who complimented me looking like someone famous have been great matches, which is, I like the actresses or musicians or etc as well and slightly or fully agree that I look similar to them.
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It's a mixed bag from my personal experience. Some might like it. Some might not, as they feel like it takes away their own identity. People not seeing them for who they are. I will tread lightly with that, unless you know them well.

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I can generally agree with Blue Dino's post. With that being said, if you've been doing it for years and if in general, everyone's response is to be very flattered/ positive, then I wouldn't worry too much.

What vibe do you normally get from people when you mention their resemblance to a celebrity?

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I think this is a bad habit. One should not look at another person and think they look like a celebrity most of the time. It can be too much. Learn to not see it. It is OK to see it once in a while but when it become so long thst is when it can become a problem.

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Yeah, I agree. I wouldn't view comparing someone's looks to that of a celebrity's as a compliment. All it is really, is telling the person something kind of amusing about how they look. And they've probably heard it umpteen times. I've done it a few times as well, though.

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