Anybody able to laugh at some of their awkward moments rather than cringing? - Social Anxiety Forum
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Anybody able to laugh at some of their awkward moments rather than cringing?

When people try to compliment me irl sometimes I try to retort with something witty as a joke but if I say it in a deadpan tone I probably come off as quite robotic and weird rather than witty and that in itself I'm able to see weird humor in
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Sometimes, depends on who and what it is. I wish I could always laugh at it, but I am too serious most of the time..
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Yep! I find it's quite easy to make myself laugh. Laughing is a good way to deal with your past mistakes (e.g. I can't believe I didn't know that!), but it works best once you've come to terms with what has happened and are able to find peace with it. Until then, it's quite hard to laugh at yourself - when you feel insecurity, you naturally feel more anxious insteadx

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Depends on what it is, I suppose. There was an instance a year (?) or so ago when I went to cross the street, framed from all directions by lines of impatiently waiting cars. Just as I about reached the half-way point, my petticoat slipped out from under my skirt, dropped to my ankles, and nearly took me out. I was actual seconds from eating pavement and am at least 90% sure I straight up flashed an entire lane. I managed to catch myself at the last moment, though, and calmly made my way to the sidewalk.

Glancing back, the expressions on the drivers' faces were hilarious. I laughed about it for the rest of the day.
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I still get very embarrassed over the stupidest of things from time to time but lately I have been swearing on the power of laughter! It really helps cushion secondhand embarrassment on both sides.
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Sometimes but there are just some things that are too cringe.
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