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A Whole Lot of Nothing

Hi people,

Just a quick post about something I've noticed about myself and wondered if anybody else does this.

I set out to achieve something in my spare time; perhaps it's learning to cook a couple of new meals; or it could be research for a novel I'd like to write; or it could be learning to become a brilliant drawer. And yet, very little gets done.

I've noticed people around me, usually successful people, write a book in 2 years, or they create a successful podcast, or they complete 3-4 brilliant paintings in the time I've said I'd do something and I've made no progress.

It's the same with work - I think I've done brilliantly and when I have a monthly review, it's nothing but criticism and all the things I haven't done. It's like my work is way off the mark.

Can anybody relate to this, and if so, what have you done to resolve it?

Would love to know your answers!

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I feel this. Lots of fellow students in my field aren't even done with school and are already working at firms and I'm still working a fast food job to get myself through university. Sorta thought I'd be able to quit that job and make art to supliment myself at least but my Etsy has received little attention. I'm not really sure how to get things done
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