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'The Office' star posts apology after getting facts wrong in tweet against GOP

Well, give her credit. Most of 'em (Liberals) never apologize for anything yet expect others to always apologize for their mistakes.


'The Office' star Jenna Fischer posts lengthy apology after spreading misinformation about GOP tax bill


Jenna Fischer issued a lengthy apology to her fans on social media after receiving negative feedback from them when she tweeted incorrect information about the recently-passed GOP tax bill.

As previously reported, the former “The Office” star posted about how the tax bill will affect teachers ability to deduct the cost of classroom supplies. However, the bill did nothing of the sort. Her initial tweet has since been deleted, and the star posted a seven-paragraph apology and explanation for her actions.

“I made a mistake and I want to correct it. After reading your feedback and doing additional research I discovered that I tweeted something that was not accurate,” she wrote. “Last month, the House of Representatives voted for a tax bill that did kill a $250 deduction for teachers to buy classroom supplies, but in the final bill the deduction was restored. I feel genuinely bad about getting my facts wrong and I’m sorry. I did not mean to spread misinformation. I was well-intentioned, but I was behind on my research.”

As for her decision to delete the incorrect tweet, the 43-year-old actress admitted she was torn on the issue because her first tweet, while inaccurate, started a dialogue about the treatment of teachers in the U.S.

“Listen, I love a good dialogue. In fact, what I treasure most about our democracy is the dialogue we share with each other, through conversations, social media and the press. But part of having a dialogue involves listening and learning and admitting when you’re wrong,” she said. “Tweet deleted.”

The star issued the lengthy tweet, which can be read in its entirety below, with a caption to her followers requesting they re-tweet it to spread the correct information as fast as possible. So far, reaction from fans has been positive, which is a sharp contrast to when she posted the incorrect information.

“I feel like most PEOPLE wouldn’t do this, let alone a celebrity. Extremely impressed by @Jenn afischer,” one user wrote.

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Cletis again with the hard hitting issues.

Cletis, got any bellybutton lint issues you want to report on.

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Originally Posted by VanDamMan View Post
Cletis again with the hard hitting issues.

Cletis, got any bellybutton lint issues you want to report on.
Yes - dateline - December 28, 2017

Millenniumman75 has a clean bellybutton. SAS Tabloids go berserk as they ask how could he do such a thing!

The tax breaks should be seen in our paychecks around the beginning of February.....The January tax withholdings will be handled in the refund of 2018 taxes....due April 15, 2019.

The incoming jobs and building employment should offset some of the currently imagined lost money.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


(troll activity on the increase)

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No surprise that she is a brain dead liberal.I always hated her character on that tv show.
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