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Hong Kong

Protesters in Hong Kong don't like the mainland China Communists' idea of justice. Neither do I.

I think the USA should have 100% tariffs on Chinese goods. For so many reasons.

Bring back manufacturing (jobs) to the USA.

I don't think the Chinese will be able to mow down their own citizens again like they did 30 years ago.

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Revolution > Resistance
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We're almost completely reliant on Chinese natural resources for our military literally to function, there's a lot of leverage both ways.

edit: Rage Against the Machine is the soundtrack for a revolution. So good and ahead of their time.
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Not that the Mainland government can't just abduct people when it suits them anyway:


Hong Kong can't really do anything against the mainland because they're too small, they're kind of screwed unless change happens on the other side.

Please don't attempt to raid Nevada to 'see them aliens' as part of the internet's joke du jour, the US air force will not be amused.
Slavoj Žižek on the horrors of tulips.


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I'd take a harder stance on the issue if the US and UK didn't already do the same kind of thing to Julian Assange and all others in forced exile, or associate with Saudi Arabia who also carry similar forms of injustice.

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