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I think we are overloaded with so many trash: information, work, problems. We want a lot of things (even that which is not necessary). It causes apathy and depression.

Loving world and family, taking Zoloft, hoping for cure
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The main thing that has diminished over time has been people's sense of identity and purpose - who am I, and what meaning does my life have? Historically this has been tribes - a sense of community where you all work together to survive. Over time, religion became the main source - even now, people often identify themselves and others based on their religion (and associated appearances). The idea of dedicating yourself to a community of people with shared beliefs and world views, all serving a higher power of some sort, gave a lot of people a sense of identity and purpose. Now that more people aren't orthodox in religious practice, or outright reject it (agnostic/atheist etc), that sense of identity and purpose is gone. One of the most common things that people who 'recover' from depression mention is that they found some meaning in life, and that helped them to understand who they are. So, I think that understanding who you are, and what purpose your life has (/you want it to have), whether that's from religion or elsewhere, can help to address depression (alongside medication, counselling etc). x

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I know why I get depressed - it's because I'm defective. I'm incapable of functioning to my full potential, or often even functioning much at all. I lack resilience, strength, and often confidence.

I'm not under any illusions at all. Society and most other people seem to be doing just fine. It's me that's ****ing broken - not them. If I weren't I'd be out there with them doing what they're doing.

I imagine it's partly biological. I can be fine one minute and then it comes over me like a wave. It scares the living **** out of me. Much worse than the mania.
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'Depressed' is a new term for an age old problem. Modern first-world living conditions lift the burden of having to constantly worry about food and safety, so there is more energy left for self reflection and self sabotage. We have to create new purposes for ourselves because survival needs and religion are on the wane. I'm at a loss to understand people who just blithely float through life.
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Because we're all goth

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Originally Posted by DeliveryDude View Post
Because we're all goth

Kick down the door
Kick through the pain
You've been talking to the wall
Everybody is dead in this house

Kick down the door
Kick through the pain
You never wanted to be born
Everybody is dead in this house

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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post

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To me it's a mixture of both. There are places that are "happier" than others. There are cultures that have less "stress" than others.

But some of us also have the genetic predesposition to depression and anxiety.
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