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I used to have anhedonia, as a symptom of my chronic depression - or dysthymia. I'm doing better on an MAOI as we speak.
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The main emotions I feel are guilt, sadness and anger. Of course, no one I know can read me so they don't what I'm feeling ever. I'm sick of being alone. Nobody care about me. I wish I could end it all, but I have to be strong for my family. I hate this life.
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Yes I do and it's hell. I can't seem to stay interested in anything. I can't even keep up with friendships or romantic interests out of sheer depression and lack of motivation. I don't even feel human anymore.
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I want to say that I have Anhedonia but at the same time, i'm unsure and wouldn't want to label that disorder on myself anyways. My apathy towards most things in life, and my life as a whole is a bit concerning, and like you, i've lost or atleast starting to lose desire/motivation to do anything. Being content of this auto-piloted lifestyle really isn't ideal either.
Losing pleasure in things does indeed suck but there has to be one thing you enjoy to hold on to. Don't have one? find it. If there's one beauty in this world, it's that it offers endless possibilities.

Also if you're gonna find a connection with anhedonia or lack of emotion/empathy with a PD, your best bet is SPD.

you're more than what you think of yourself
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Yeah, as we speak. It comes and it goes. I'd rather have this than the darkness that comes and then it's hard to get back up.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.
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I understand you. And i have suffered from it for 2 years. I can definetely say that like major depression, it is very difficult to treat anhedonia on your own and often it is impossible to do. Since in most cases anhedonia is a symptom of some other disease, and it is necessary to treat the disease itself. Anhedonia will disappear throughout the treatment.

However, there are a number of tips dealing with anhedonia which have helped me:

The correct day regime good nights sleep, regular meals, and physical exercises;
The diet should consist of several sources of serotonin chocolate, fresh fruit;
Focus on pleasant and positive moments, try to do everything on your own in order to make a moment positive and pleasant;
Psychotherapeutic correction such as Gestalt therapy, behavioral techniques, psychoanalysis;
Pharmacological correction doctors may prescribe antidepressants.
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anhedonia sucks the big one the only thing that helps is working out

i feel the need the need for speed
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