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SorryForMyEnglish 05-26-2019 11:04 AM

What Frida Kahlo and her art teach me as a schizoid about mental health
I want to make this thread 'Frida Kahlo virtual SAS gallery' and also to tell how her works inspire me to keep seeking mental health instead of brushing it off which people that I communicate with and society require me to. They only want me to deal with certain aspects of my mental health that are usually surface symptoms and that are obstacles for them to get something they want/require from me. But when it comes to getting to the core, they don't care about it and even demand me brushing it off because 1) it would make me more depressed and less functioning during some long period of time, especially without the timely support from a therapist; 2) they haven't dealt with it themselves and they're not interesting in opening and discovering something they don't want to discover because that would be too overwhelming and that would make them aware of too many wounds and they'd start to have too many regrets and overwhelmingly negative feelings.

In short, what her works remind me of and that's actually the same thing I keep repeating to myself over and over again and on this site I write about it a lot too is to be connected to my true self or at least to seek that connection since I lost it somewhere long ago in childhood, maybe during babyhood or even when I was in the womb. It doesn't matter if the last time I was fully connected to my true self was in the womb because, as Harry Guntrip (the author of ''Schizoid Phenomena, Object-Relations, and the Self'') said, there still was a potential for it and there is such potential in every human being.

The way Frida was expressing all her pain, traumatic experiences and feelings in her paintings tell us that her connection to her genuine emotions, feelings and her body was pretty strong and she wasn't dissociated from it (unlike me and I'm sure some users can relate to me too). She didn't hide it and focus on something else. Most of her works are pure self-expression.

I'm going to post some of her works and describe what they mean to me in this thread. You can post them too. Her paintings can mean something else to you. For example, as a schizoid I have almost no feeling of connection, but you may have no problem with that. Different things in her paintings can evoke different associations in me vs you and maybe what feels like a healthy improvement to me feels like no particular improvement or even something traumatic to you.

SorryForMyEnglish 05-26-2019 11:57 AM

She was tied to her native folk culture and she was exploring it. (Something we don't have people doing in my country btw because maybe it would be too traumatic for many people to learn all the actual sufferings and generational traumas and flaws instead of myths that make it look perfect so that patriotism and lack of reflection would remain). She was a post-colonialist.

I've heard that many psychoanalysts call today's (starting from somewhere in the 20th century) era ''schizoid era''. That's something that speaks volumes to me as a deeply schizoid person myself. Actually they were talking about Western world, but it influences the whole world and people from it to different extents so... There was a term called ''alienation'' that Marx came up with. But he was only talking about alienation from nature and alienation from work. Psychanalysts/philosophers like Erich Fromm later developed this concept and extented it onto other spheres of life, e.g. alienation from self and from others.


So that's what these paintings remind me of, especially the first one where she shows the differences between her culture that she loves and USA. Sort of criticism of American culture. She clearly wasn't that fond of it. I've heard that she also didn't like how it's a cultural norm not to show your true emotions in America. (I don't know how true that is but I know that it's very true in my country).

The toilet bowl made me think of pornography and porn culture. Sorry, coudln't not to say that. As well as capitalism as a whole, how our needs are taken away from us and repackaged as a product and it's like physical/emotional is disconnected with intellectual or something and it's presented as basic and generic, stripped out of humanity and subjectivity. Perhaps some of it is also how I see human needs in general sometimes as a schizoid because the world doesn't feel joyous in general from first days/weeks of my life so I feel nothing. Still I distinguish these two things and the first one is not something I came up with myself.

And yeah this picture really reminds me that societal achievments and living for their sake shouldn't be my focus in life which is something that's probably easier for me as a schizoid to think. But many people on this site have ranking as their mentality and as something they're absolutely certain about that it can't be otherwise. You know, there's also all this populistic talk about biological-natural-100% scientific lobster hierarchies and stuff too that originated from the same kind of mentality.

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