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Originally Posted by RelinquishedHell View Post
It started in pre-school. The other kids chased me around spitting on me and throwing handfuls of sand in my eyes. I was in the nurse's office everyday getting my eyes cleaned out.

Damn that's savage.

I remember in 2nd grade or so at a new school the kids came up with a taunting rhyme about being fat they'd sing for me, after they'd trip and shove me to the ground. None of them ever got in trouble for it. Like a bunch of wild animals preying on someone weaker than them.

Don't let people treat you like dirt.
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I'm somewhat trash.
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It was around 7-8, quite early in my life.
Being young and depressed is really rough so I'm grateful that my fathers abuse ended at 6-7, if i had to deal with both of them simultaneously i think i would be fully ****ed. Lol

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Definitely when I started high school. So around 12 or 13.
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