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Sense of direction/Memory

I have always suffered from a terrible sense of direction. I can walk to the same place a couple of times a week (like from the train station to my girlfriends) and still she has to come to meet me and take me back to hers cos I can't remember the simple 10 minute walk.
Does anyone else have this?

Also I seem to have a terrible memory, some really random things stick in my mind for a long time but apart from that most things don't stay at all.

Its very frustrating!

Everything happens for a reason
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Yes I do... it's really annoying driving to a really new place and then, when it's time to leave, realizing you don't really remember exactly how you got there and therefore can't just reverse the directions.

Sounds a lot like my ADHD-I, which there appears to be a fair amount of overlap with social anxiety.
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over the years your brain has adapted to its enviroment. you wanna improve your sense of direction and visual memory stop spending so much time at home staring at your tv or pc and go on a road trip every other weekend or become a taxi driver for a few years.
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I don't spend time at home online or watching TV actually.
I am a full time student and work 5 nights a week, so infact spend less time sitting around than the average person!

I totally agree with you meyaj it is so frustrating and sometimes people think I am putting it on but Im really not.

Everything happens for a reason
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Wow. Is this correlated to SA?

I am always getting lost, even with directions! Heck, I've managed to get lost with GPS navigation and turn by turn directions. I am far from stupid, but I just can not grasp direction. Distance too. If it is over 3 feet, I have a hard time guesstimating.

My memory is horrible. Like you, I can remember small stupid things, but end up forgetting something that I deliberately wanted to remember. Lists are a godsend! I write myself post-it notes all the time.
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I have always had a horrible sense of direction. I can get lost in my home town easily, I can't remember names of streets which to most are common knowledge etc.

I also think my long term memory is quite defective in some way. So much so I have started to wonder if it could be some form of amnesia. (no, it's not just when you don't even know your own name)

Someone mentioned ADHD-I, I haven't been diagnosed but I have strongly suspected having it.
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I think my terrible sense of direction stems from me never paying attention when i drive, or when i am riding with anyone else. When i was younger i rarely left the neighboorhood and even if i did i wouldn't care to pay attention where we were going. But i still manage to randomly get like for 10-20 minutes when going into unfamiliar places. It is pretty hilarious actually.

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My memory is awful. At work I can never remember which order comes in on which day, whether we have certain products, the names of customers I've known a long time, etc. A customer tells me, "I'd like a receipt, please," and by the end of the transaction I've forgotten entirely.

Directions, however, are my specialty. I'm glad I have at least one useful skill.
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I firmly believe a horrible sense of direction is an anxiety symptom for me. When I'm driving after taking a beta blocker my sense of direction is impeccable. It's also better when driving alone as opposed to when I have a passenger.
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I wonder if -

When we are out and about we are always thinking about other people looking at us and doing something wrong etc.....that we have never taken in where we are going.
Because I think thats my problem, just never taking anything in but then maybe my brain is just pre-occupied?

Everything happens for a reason
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Anxiety definitely effects memory...even more if you've experienced any trauma in the past

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