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problems with lying

I have a problem with lying instinctively. And I'm not just talking about big lies and lying for selfish and cowardly reasons, although I do that too. Sometimes I find myself lying about stupid things like what I ate for lunch, watched on TV, or movies I've seen before. I have no idea why I do it, and it doesn't make people think any better of me, but it comes naturally.

I admit that I'm actually pretty good at it, and for every 500 lies I tell I'm usually only caught in one. I hate doing it though. I waste a huge amount of time concocting fake explanations for something I did, and then worrying whether people will believe me or not. One day I'm going I'm going to screw up when I'm caught in a huge lie.
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Re: problems with lying

i tell people what they wanna hear.

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." -- Whitney Young Jr.
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Re: problems with lying

I have exactly the problem that you describe. When I was younger I told some big lies, that got me into quite a lot of trouble, in order to try to impress people. Of course it didn't impress anyone. Now, I grew out of that but I still often lie about trivial things as you said, which really don't matter at all.

I also make up explanations to tell people what I think they want to hear. If I'm not sure if something I'm doing looks weird or unacceptable, I find an alternative explanation to tell anyone who asks, so I can appear normal.
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Re: problems with lying

I tend to lie alot, although they have reason. Mostly they're just small ones like "sorry, I can't go to your party. I'm already going to one that day". It seems my first choice would to be lie then just telling the truth if the truth might bring and slight discomfort to me.
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Re: problems with lying

I do this too. I will lie sometimes about if I saw a movie or knowing who an actor is cause my pop culture knowledge isn't so great so I don't want to appear ignorant. I just try to seem normal. I don't really talk to people anymore on a regular basis though so I don't have to lie about what I did over the weekend like I used to.
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