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Possible Bipolar Disorder?

Lately I've started wondering I might have some form of bipolar disorder or something similar to it. Having a hard time working up the nerve and drive to talk to my doctor about but it seems like lately I'm getting kind of erratic mood swings. I'll find myself randomly snapping and being angry/hostile to the few people I talk to on a daily basis. It's weird because it'll only last maybe 30 seconds to a minute and the whole time I'm kind of consciously aware that I'm not actually angry or even annoyed, some times I'm even feeling pretty happy, but I can't seem to stop myself from just being an *******? And when it's not anger it's sadness or apathy, for lack of a better word I guess? I'll be having a good day and all of the sudden for around a minute it just feels like all the life and happiness is sucked out of me. Once or twice I've found myself randomly crying a tear or two for literally no reason and just thinking to myself, "Uh you're actually not doing bad right now, why are you crying man?". It's honestly kind of worrying me at this point but I just can't bring myself to make an appointment and figure this out.
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I don't mean to downplay your experience mate - but it might even just be your age. I think it's pretty common to experience a range of emotions in a short space of time at your age - it's a stressful time.

Maybe mention it to your doctor next time if it keeps happening and even maybe keep a diary of your emotions. (my wife tells me to do that and it's a good idea - I don't do it much though)
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