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I think ppl can know what i'm thinking :S
The biggest disease in the world today is the disease of ppl feeling unloved, unwanted & uncared for - Princess Diana
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Well, if you think of a joke and people start laughing, then you know for sure.
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Originally Posted by ChrissyQ View Post
I think ppl can know what i'm thinking :S

They can't, trust me. People can only detect the direction of your emotions. Ie they can tell whether you are angry,happy , sad and whether you are faking happiness by body language. Apart from that people in general can't tell how you are feeling at all, let alone read your mind.

Team DOG
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Originally Posted by JohnWalnut View Post
Well, if you think of a joke and people start laughing, then you know for sure.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."
- Albert Camus

"Everyone wants to get out of the rain
Wants to be free, wants to see no more pain
We're guaranteed that the season will change
'Till then, I'm keeping sunshine on my brain"
- Mike "Eyedea" Larsen (RIP)
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Originally Posted by Sergio V View Post
Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Sergio V a British Citizen currently living in the London vicinity. I am also a socially anxious person and what many uneducated people would regard as paranoid or deluded. Psychiatry stems from the mind experimentation of communist extremists adopted by NAZIs. Many psychological ailments are caused by brain chemical unbalance and frequencies that interrupt the normal functionality of the brain or commonly illegal drugs consumption. I take no drugs, I am educated and wise in most matters and remain an open minded optimist.

I am what is regarded as a Targeted Individual; I've taken the liberty of explaining this in great depth on my website ( where you will see much information in regards to this. I to suffer from psychotronic broadcasting which is also known as Verbatim (the ability to broadcast others thoughts in people about you in real time). It is also possible to upload your thoughts in real-time and disperse or record them via cell-towers connected to satellites etc. Technology has advanced greatly and microchips are no bigger than a grain of rice much less Nano chips which are even smaller. These technologies monitor the sub-low oscillations of your larynx or voice-box and convert these waves of thoughts produced into coherent sound and signals. they increase the wave amplitude and re-send the signal in a dispersed manner allowing others to literally hear your thoughts! These military scientists doing these experiments can even send thoughts or audible sound directly to your brain utilising cell towers and other carrier waves about us. This is all part of government experimentation and mind control (MK Ultra) and this voice-to-skull technology (V2K) was developed by neuroscientist Allen Frey. Unwitting people are being temporarily experimented on some for many years like that!

Drugs and self-denial will not be rid of this phenomena and its likely this verbatim is caused by an implant or transmitter usually in your ear or through your nose into your frontal lobe. These same Statistical manuals on mental disorders was discredited by Master psychiatrist Thomas Szasz and they were also created and devised by the same division of mind control scientists to cover up their illicit experimentation on unwitting civilians.

Don't accuse people of or make them accept that they have mental illnesses when they were previously normal and fine, suddenly (likely after hospitalisation; assuming) this Verbatim and dark-type 'Neural Linguistic Programming' began. Experiments do happen and human practices are illegal so are done covertly. I am part of who expose this type of mind control experimentation and we have successfully found 1000's of Targets for these experiments most of which have been discovered to have a microchip implant as you will discover if you look at my website stated: or Thank you and God bless.. xXx
Wow. This sounds like an incredibly elaborate operation and you've described it in detail.. enough detail to be believable, but not in enough detail to be provable. Is it possible that this is all in the mind? You say that people were discovered to have microchip implants, but have you actually seen a microchip removed? If you research psychosis you'll find that these ideas are perfectly described as part of the illness and that it will be real to the sufferer, but isn't in any way objectively real; thought insertion, voices, mind control, persecutory ideas.
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This sounds like paranoia. It's horrible when it's happening, isnt it - you feel so exposed and vulnerable. Rest assured - people cannot know what we are thinking, any more than we know what others are thinking (though we assume we do at times!!) It's just to do with the feelings we get, that's all. Try and relax and settle down and take your mind elsewhere. Are you on medication? I was suffereing from paranoia like this a few weeks ago - started on the antidepressants and they have just kicked in and i am feeling soooooo much better!! Keep us posted on how you go -- we care x
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Originally Posted by ejbb View Post
I told him she said "from falling off a horse" to which he replied "she said you look like a horse rider"! HUH? I was stumped. I asked if i had somehow already told him of the conversation and forgotten. He said no, in fact he laughed and couldn't explain why he had said it because he agreed i don't look like a horse rider whatever that looks like.
Maybe you don't LOOK like a horse rider, but you have the like ~essence~ of being a horse rider. Like, sometimes you can just tell something about someone but you can't pinpoint why.

Also, maybe "she said you look like a horse rider" was a logical step in the conversation. Like:

"Were you in the police force?"
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
"You just look like you'd be in the police force."
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Originally Posted by 19mossy91 View Post
About 8 months ago after quitting weed, I started noticing my thoughts getting really deep. So deep id think about stuff more so about people/ family. I used to meditate a lot with these mixed thoughts and seemed to be right. And with the meditation skills iv learned so well, I can focus so well on my thoughts anywhere anytime without trying. Any how, when im around someone, I have these conversations in my head as if im talking to them out loud. And they react in a funny way to some of these thoughts when im around them, kinda like body movements, reaction, sniffing ect. as if they dont agree or cant believe. Everytime im in a car (easily can meditate) with my dad, I start thinking (thoughts) stuff about someone or me and it gets that intense he will take longer roads/ drive slower as if hes getting my brain connection. Very strange I know but it all feels real. I feel like im very psychedelic, Is my body energy stronger than others?. And if you think about it there is psychic people that can tell one about there lost ones and past presents without even telling them. Someone Please explain to me that this is crazy or some what true this can be. I read the reviews to the ones that commented on this subject, and relate. Iv done and said bad things in my thoughts about that person when there beside me. And they do react in a way. Also, even if you did think ( if u can here me, say my name) why would they wont you to know that they can.. Email- [email protected]
You are only paying attention to the mannerisms that you believe prove you are right. You are seeing coincidences as being meaningful.
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I have this too, but it goes away when I wear a tin foil hat.
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Hearing Things

Peace to all,

on the subject of hearing things and whether people can hear your thoughts,
in a way similar to paranoia, schizophrenia, being self-conscious, or having discomfort around other people. Whatever you may call it..

the only sound, logical, and correct understanding of this problem is presented by religion. As is the case with all our problems; that is what religion is for. Guidance that teaches us about ourselves; where we come from, where we are headed, and what our purpose in life is, also how we must go about doing it.

so this is the Islamic understanding of it; Your body is physical - limited in time/space/matter. Your spirit, within your body, is not limited in time/space/matter. Hence you existed before your birth in this world and will continue to exist after your death. It is the body that forms, grows, ages and decomposes when you die; when the spirit leaves the body.

understanding the spirit, your spirit contains a soul that is in one of three states. your soul can be a commanding one that tells you to do something, or it can be a soul that scolds you for having done something, or it is a soul that is satisfied with yourself. our goal is to bring our soul at that state of satisfaction. how to do that is a lifetime of learning, practicing, and growing.

satan your worst enemy is the one who wants to throw you off this goal by making other goals for you. to understand his attacks you must understand your physical body. eyes, ears, tongue, limbs, heart, mind are all tools that you must use to reach that goal. so satan attacks you and thereby hijacks all your body parts if you let him.

for the topic of discussion. if the spirit is neglected the commanding soul will drive it to destruction. satan keeps suggesting evil thoughts and ignorant ideologies to confuse and sidetrack people from realities of religion and true guidance brought by the prophets. if you have any other goal then Allah(swt) you will suffer from this and much worse. if you reject God then your body rejects your spirit.

may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and his Progeny.

Salam Alaikum
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Yea, I suffer from exactly the same thing! Even though I know its not real, It's hard to stop, and very hard to eliminate all the sounds completely. Number one, I like to belief that, I'm just not that important, or interesting enough to even be watched. For example, if certain people( I mean "certain" people, like strangers) can hear what I'm thinking, why would they dedicate their lives to a random average guy? These people must be very special, for to have that power means that person could threat National Security, spirituality, or even the world as a whole. For example, if these special people wanted to he or she could read a victims mind, and learn the code to a missile shilo, and launch a nuke?! But yes, the point is, if there are people out there that can read a persons mind, it better be an important person, or situation, because they probably wont waste their time with a average citizen, doing boring average things. Though I do believe mind reading is possible, it is most defiantly only for very special situations and extraordinary people. Think of it as a very exclusive tea party or group of mabey two or three people, that love and care for you. Thus no need to think other people are involved, or have these powers. Your problem is you think all these people can hear you, or even want to hear you, and that is not correct. My guess is that you should focus on only one person that can hear you, and remember that no one can hear your thoughts, other than your guardian angel or whateverer you want to call Him or Her. Good luck and know this is actually very normal, its just that most people wont admit it, or ask about it. Whats really good, is that you are doing something about it, asking people what they think, and working pro-actively to solve this problem. Also it doesn't happen overnight( not hearing anything any more), it takes time. I will tell you though, It does go away, and I did return. My emotions, and memory are strong, and intellegent. You will beat this, trough understanding, trial and error, and expierence.I know it's depressing, and scary at times, just remember only one person can hear you, and that person is your Spiritual Manager, trust him a d you will go far. Basically it comes down to reality testing( the ability to discern truth from the false, and to truely understand something or idea) resiliance, and hard work, that no one will ever reconize, except those who love you! Bye
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I can relate to this. I don't experience this in the psychotic sense. I have before, but I experience this type of paranoia every waking moment. It gets bad sometimes, and sometimes it isn't a huge issue. It's not comfortable to feel like your thoughts and actions are being analyzed by those you come into contact with, this I do know. It's as if you are exposed.
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I get this when I get stressed. I went through a period of about 3 years of having prodromal symptoms, but they disappeared now. When I'm very very stressed for a period of time, though, I can feel myself slipping a bit with fearing people can hear my thoughts or that I'm saying things out loud or people are watching me or just general paranoid thoughts. I do get worried when I get these thoughts, but once the stress starts getting better they go away.
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Whenever I have really dirty thoughts, I have a fleeting worry that other people can hear them.
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yes... you really need professional help
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I feel like this all the time I go wait what if that person knows what I am thinking and, then I start thinking about why someone would be able to read my mind and, how it must suck to always know what everyone is thinking, but recently I have been feeling more like this and, it kinda freaks me out.
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NONe of us are alone in this. It is a battle and you do become a warrior. I have had this issue for 17 years...not to say that the rest of you will too. I have tried to make the best of it and think that it has actually brought about some positive things in my life through the suffering because I am way more compassionate than I was before this. First off, I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Its definitely something that makes you feel extremely vulnerable and I agree with the comment above about trusting your guardian angel because even though this continues with me (being an extreme case) I know He guides me and this condition is not going to last forever, I feel myself getting better all the time Keep faith people. If meds and therapy will help for you by all means DO IT! I personally did not like the meds and am trying to cure myself with greater nutrition for my brain and spiritual healing. Take care of yourself everyone.
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Originally Posted by tbyrfan View Post
Whenever I have really dirty thoughts
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I have my own opinion based on experience

I had suffered the same as almost all people who have written in.
But for me it was more intense because at first I would fight it but then my friends around me would say strange things even act funny with weird expressions. When I question the reply is always obscured as if to imply guilt. I was given funny instructions at times, people would all call me by the same name."Pa". I was 26 at the time. The people who were calling me this were mostly older than me or my age and complete strangers. I was in the happiest time of my life when these things started occuring. I drove me from my family and my loved ones away.I know this might sound hard to believe but I myself went over and over again what happened. And I cant deny it took place. Friends and family would become uncomfortable around me when I try and fight it on the inside. I would sit motionless and without saying anything someone will make comments to me which implemented discomfort and always in short sentences. in ways I know they usually wouldnt speak. I overcame it by fighting back with my mind, if someone made a comment I would just ignore them or just become sarcastic in my mind and they would just laugh and carry on with what they were doing.
Although I over came it, it still left some scars behind. things my mind can never repair.
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people can read ur body language/ which is similar to reading ur thoughts. so try to let ur mind and body relax..
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