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roivas yromem eerf lla
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I saw that too its wierd
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I thought it was just me, I feel better, now, I think we are boderline type of ppl, most of us have obsessive thinking, anxieties, listen to random voices, I think the reason of this is beacuse we been in some time in our lifes passing through so much stress, but what I think is da we are very smart and reasonable persons, we know what's right and what's wrong, basicly we need what Lisa said, professional help, then we will get rid of every anomaly in our minds.

I want to tell yall thanks, cuz I don't feel alone no more, we can do this, is just thoughts, this can't hurt no one, always think u are rite and things will change, keep on rolling and do what u gotta do
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Hey I think is just our conciousness asking us for prudence and mental order cuz we get paranoid just when we think wrong
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I used to think people could read my mind when I was younger. I also thought there were security cameras in my room and on my dog's collar.

BUT now I realize that it was just because I felt a lot of shame over my thoughts and felt that everyone knew "what a bad person" (because 8 year olds are such horrible people) I was. It was just another part of my anxiety getting to me, telling me I wasn't worthy of others. Now I know that's all rubbish.
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i am

but im glad that you reashored me that all this is true and that you can indeed hear my thoughts, i just want to know why do ppl lie about it because that makes it worse
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I think this sometimes. If someone looks at me, i'll think that they can hear what I'm thinking.

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I feel like this sometimes, too.
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I think ppl know my thoughts too
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Originally Posted by hichews View Post
I am very anxious.
You should get help for this.

Btw, if you want to know, it is impossible for thoughts to be heard by others unless you speak them. Merely because the central nervous system (brain/spinal cord) isn't transmitting anything, it only transmits information via action potentials which means nobody can receive them but yourself.
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If someone hears your thoughts Its when u are not focusing on what u are doing, looking at, ect but uncontrollably focusing or worrying hard on others around u or who may be around u and talking in in ur head. Brain overworking. they might hear ur thoughts. To the person hearing it. It's not like "oh that person jus thought this I can hear them." no. The person can have a calm and clear head not thinking of nothing then a thought pops in there head thinking its there own. Then they're like where the hell did that thought come from. They don't know where it came from.

Not everyone can do it. It's a way some people think. It's kinda like vibes or energy if someone is startled or scared u can feel their energy sometimes. police sense it all the time when they pull over nervous suspects. Ur brain activity is instead ofgiving off a vibe or feeling is giving off a thought. Only a very few do it and a lot don't understand it or ever will or think in that way
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I think people are reading my thoughts & try to think of other things it's crazy
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I hope people can't see my thoughts because of sex

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence and than success is sure," Mark Twain

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People can hear my thoughts

No one can hear your thoughts it's a disorder I don't really know what it's called but read about that disorder the more u read about it the more you'll get better and know your not alone that other people think that aswel and it's not true no one can hear your thoughts
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when I'm nervous near a (what I consider) attractive woman/girl I'm afraid they think I'm an ugly perv and I'll feel really bad about myself. I guess that's sort of the same
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I feel people hearing my thoughts as if im psychedelic..

About 8 months ago after quitting weed, I started noticing my thoughts getting really deep. So deep id think about stuff more so about people/ family. I used to meditate a lot with these mixed thoughts and seemed to be right. And with the meditation skills iv learned so well, I can focus so well on my thoughts anywhere anytime without trying. Any how, when im around someone, I have these conversations in my head as if im talking to them out loud. And they react in a funny way to some of these thoughts when im around them, kinda like body movements, reaction, sniffing ect. as if they dont agree or cant believe. Everytime im in a car (easily can meditate) with my dad, I start thinking (thoughts) stuff about someone or me and it gets that intense he will take longer roads/ drive slower as if hes getting my brain connection. Very strange I know but it all feels real. I feel like im very psychedelic, Is my body energy stronger than others?. And if you think about it there is psychic people that can tell one about there lost ones and past presents without even telling them. Someone Please explain to me that this is crazy or some what true this can be. I read the reviews to the ones that commented on this subject, and relate. Iv done and said bad things in my thoughts about that person when there beside me. And they do react in a way. Also, even if you did think ( if u can here me, say my name) why would they wont you to know that they can.. Email- [email protected]
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I've often thought that people could hear my thoughts, but I don't get anxious about it, sometimes I do, but not so bad, is this something that could progress and make me really anxious ? I actually never thought there would be something wrong with it so I never said about it XD
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I think that all the time. Blah, it really sucks. :c I've been better about it since I started on meds, but it's still there to some degree.
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I've had that for a while. It just went away.


Still waiting for my mania
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There is NO MENTAL ILLNESS in This!!

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Sergio V a British Citizen currently living in the London vicinity. I am also a socially anxious person and what many uneducated people would regard as paranoid or deluded. Psychiatry stems from the mind experimentation of communist extremists adopted by NAZIs. Many psychological ailments are caused by brain chemical unbalance and frequencies that interrupt the normal functionality of the brain or commonly illegal drugs consumption. I take no drugs, I am educated and wise in most matters and remain an open minded optimist.

I am what is regarded as a Targeted Individual; I've taken the liberty of explaining this in great depth on my website ( where you will see much information in regards to this. I to suffer from psychotronic broadcasting which is also known as Verbatim (the ability to broadcast others thoughts in people about you in real time). It is also possible to upload your thoughts in real-time and disperse or record them via cell-towers connected to satellites etc. Technology has advanced greatly and microchips are no bigger than a grain of rice much less Nano chips which are even smaller. These technologies monitor the sub-low oscillations of your larynx or voice-box and convert these waves of thoughts produced into coherent sound and signals. they increase the wave amplitude and re-send the signal in a dispersed manner allowing others to literally hear your thoughts! These military scientists doing these experiments can even send thoughts or audible sound directly to your brain utilising cell towers and other carrier waves about us. This is all part of government experimentation and mind control (MK Ultra) and this voice-to-skull technology (V2K) was developed by neuroscientist Allen Frey. Unwitting people are being temporarily experimented on some for many years like that!

Drugs and self-denial will not be rid of this phenomena and its likely this verbatim is caused by an implant or transmitter usually in your ear or through your nose into your frontal lobe. These same Statistical manuals on mental disorders was discredited by Master psychiatrist Thomas Szasz and they were also created and devised by the same division of mind control scientists to cover up their illicit experimentation on unwitting civilians.

Don't accuse people of or make them accept that they have mental illnesses when they were previously normal and fine, suddenly (likely after hospitalisation; assuming) this Verbatim and dark-type 'Neural Linguistic Programming' began. Experiments do happen and human practices are illegal so are done covertly. I am part of who expose this type of mind control experimentation and we have successfully found 1000's of Targets for these experiments most of which have been discovered to have a microchip implant as you will discover if you look at my website stated: or Thank you and God bless.. xXx
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