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Paranoid Personality disorder (PPD)

I've been diagnosed with psychosis and show a lot of signs of PPD if not all of them. I've scoured the internet looking for anyone who has had experience with this mental illness and I've come up completely empty on the subject. I was just wondering if there are any PPD sufferers in the SAS community and if so, how have you dealt with it, how are you doing today and what types of symptoms do you or did have with PPD?
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i can relate, i havent been diagnosed tho so im not gonna say i have it, pretty sure i have borderline personality disorder as well
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Pretty sure my dad has that. He thinks many people look down on him, including his own sister and brother. Holds grudges forever. Believes in many wacko conspiracy theories. His main hobby, beside taking photos of pretty flowers and hummingbirds, is hating people. Hates blacks, hispanics, Jews, gays, etc. He's suspicious of everything. Has had problems with his neighbors partially due to his behavior.
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Well, I developed an eating disorder at an early age as I suspected some of my food was poisoned. As well as a loss of many relationships.

A rationalization has made my thinking more clear, but I still have some of the impulses and reflexes. I constantly eyeball people and look over my shoulder. Other little things persist..
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