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Ocd symptoms

I have to fix wrinkles on my bed sheet or blanket before eating in my room. I don't know why. I do have a binge eating disorder. If I see some wrinkles I don't like I have to fix them or I will eat faster and that will make me binge eat because I didn't spend enough time enjoying the food. Before I sleep the curtains have to be right in my room. I don't care about the other curtains or bed sheet wrinkles in the house. A bigger problem is turning and turning off lights before I sleep and turning door knobs and touching the lock to make sure it's really locked. Checking is main problem also. It took me over 1 hour to do my taxes on turbotax and that's because I checked a lot of the information like 10 times. I reread a lot and look closely to make sure it is what it says. I will check doors and stove tops and disconnect the microwave if I am the last person in the house and will do so several times. Sometimes for checking things I blink with my right eye as confirmation I checked everything fine and to combat the negative thoughts of checking good. If I am outside and I stand on something on the ground I wasn't supposed to I will blink or sometimes even spit.

But my ocd was way worse when I was a teenager. I used to skip titles and cracks on the floor and would go back to do it again if I had a negative feeling or thought while doing it. I still skip cracks but I can now stop when I choose to, it's like pausing a game and saying I will play later but I like skipping cracks and lines and imaginary lines I created. I used to wash my hands a lot. I still do that but way worse when I was a teenager. Just touching the sink the wrong way I would have to do it many times and it was so hard getting out of the room. I couldn't touch the sink counter top or the tip of the faucet and the towel dispenser I could only touch the towel, if my knee or leg or arm touched something I had to start from the beginning. I even got caught once, some fool left the bathroom door open in the church and it had a mirror and that's where a lady I knew and my mom were watching me. The lady looked mad and asked me why I was using so much paper towel and washing my hands a lot.

A new symptom I have notice is replaying videos, movies or shows I am watching and even replaying music, not just listening to the same song but replaying parts of the song I really like a lot or something I misunderstood.
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Yep, sounds like OCD. My teen daughter has OCD. Her symptoms include things like: turning lights on and off. Having to do something over and over again if she has a wrong thought while doing it. Smoothing the carpet because she is afraid she will make a wrinkle and someone will trip and fall down the stairs, and it will be her fault. Bed time routines etc..... OCD can be awful! It has been pretty bad at times. Cognitive Behavior Therapy helped a lot, but she still struggles with it some.
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I have more of a non-physically compulsive type of OCD. But mental compulsions? I have those all the time. I would constantly "check" to make sure I wasn't what I feared before I went back on my meds. I still do it now, but not as consistently as I had before I was treated. If you don't mind, may I ask what your main OCD theme is? Mine is sexual OCD.

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