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View Poll Results: For people with OCD: How is your oral health?
It's fine. I have perfectly healthy teeth and gums. 0 0%
It's average. Not bad but not super clean either. 1 16.67%
I have a few cavities and staining, but nothing major. 2 33.33%
I have bad cavities and poor or declining oral health. 2 33.33%
I have very bad oral health and/or gingivitis. 1 16.67%
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OCD Question + POLL

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong section for this. It's been a while since I've been on the site and I'm not sure if this is the right section or not... but I think it is... hopefully so.

So let me give you some background to try and explain this poll. In my psychology class two semesters ago I learned that OCD (which I have) shares a lot of symptoms with the early stages of Alzheimer's (tho before you get worried they have not officially been linked in any way. Just share similar symptoms.). Well anyway a few weeks ago I read this article about how they had discovered a link between Alzheimer's and the bacteria that causes gingivitis. In fact they think that having long term untreated gingivitis could be a "potential" cause of Alzheimer's.

Well today I had this epiphany. I have OCD and in the past three to four years it's gotten really really bad. Like hard to cope with bad. BUT... here's the kicker, I've also had declining oral health and untreated gingivitis (due to a lack of insurance to get it properly treated). So what if gingivitis also cause OCD as well? And my oral health declining is the reason my OCD seems to be getting worse?!?!

So I just had to do some research on this. Of my fellow OCD sufferers out there, do you have poor oral health or gingivitis? And if so has your OCD seemed to get worse or not be effected ^_^ Let's discus~!

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Well, I have OCD but I've never had gingivitis. I have very bad teeth because I had a crooked dentist who drilled holes through most of my teeth so he could charge my parents a fortune in dental work. (He lost his practice when people figured out what he was doing.) Now all my teeth are cracking and falling apart and I have no way to fix them because I have no money. (I've had two break in the past year.)

My dental hygiene is probably pretty average. I brush and floss every day and rinse with mouthwash. I don't get many cavities. I've also heard that saliva is important for oral health. It kills bacteria and remineralizes teeth (and controls bad breath). Which is why people who take medication that makes their mouth dry tend to have more problems with their teeth. I'm a major drooler, which might partly account for better oral health than I might otherwise have.

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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I feel like mine are bad cause they're not the whitest but when I went to the dentist they said they were fine but I feel like they didn't check them properly lol they didn't do that X ray thing (no idea what's it's called lmao) and I was sure I must have had some cavities at least. One of my front teeth is slightly chipped and they said that was fine too.
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I have OCD but I do not have bad oral health. Because of my dad's union benefits I was able to go to the dentist every 6 months all my life as a kid, and I still go every 6 months for a check-up. I brush/rinse a couple times a day, but I do drink a lot of water though. Right now I drink roughly over 4 litres a day but in the summer I will drink over 5 litres at least.

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Thanks for the input guys ^_^ I mean I'm just going off a hunch here. I could be completely wrong. I was just curious as to how many of us have bad teeth as well as OCD. Because it would be interesting if there wound up being a connection :3

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My relative has Alzheimer’s-has had false teeth for at least 40 years, always makes sure she cleans false teeth and brushes the few existing teeth twice a day and drinks lots of water
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