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Originally Posted by illlaymedown View Post
.....I posted another post after that last one cus I ran out of space on the last one and it didn't go through apparently so I'll restate it. I made that last statement based on more posts I've seen of yours, yes even in the "no debate" area than just what you've said in this thread.
I did indeed make one or two posts in the spirituality forum not long after I signed up here, and the outcome was my decision to avoid posting there in the future.

Originally Posted by illlaymedown View Post
And many non-believers go on this "spirituality" forum as well. It's quite obvious from the culminative posts that you hate Christianity which is your deal, have fun with that but that doesn't make it ok for you to go around finding places to spread that either and it doesn't help Christians who come here for support.
I don't hate Christianity and I don't hate Christians. If I "hate" anything it is organised religion, of which Christianity happens to be the most prominent and popular example on the planet. I'm not actively going round looking for Christians to provoke here, I just feel an obligation to point out that Christianity (and other religions) have no special status or claim to truth.

Originally Posted by illlaymedown View Post
but I have a very strong feeling that's not the case...if I'm wrong, PM me please or even VM me, but I think I'm not.
You're correct, I have no interest in doing that and I don't think it would be a good idea for either one of us.

Originally Posted by illlaymedown View Post
but you can understand when someone downs something/someone you love consistently(not just you in this case) how it can affect a person negatively.
I do understand that, but I still don't think it should be cause to protect religious belief from any form of challenge or criticism, even on here.

And now I'm out of this thread...
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Originally Posted by shadowmask View Post
Does anyone else do this? Could it be OCD? The strange thing is, I'm an agnostic, but I've been obsessively thinking about scientific explanations for an afterlife and now I can't stop, it's driving me nuts. I went to see Avatar this afternoon and couldn't even concentrate. It's really taken over my mind. I wonder if it's a real problem or maybe I just have to much time on my hands, but I'm finding it impossible to focus on anything else now.
I did something similar my year abroad. I heard about something called the quantum suicide experiment, which suggested that everyone is immortal. I wondered if it was true, and it scared the **** outta me (I don't WANT to live forever, especially the way QI puts it).

I don't think it's true, but it still threw me into a really deep depression where I just couldn't stop wondering/worrying if it was true. There was about a month straight where that was literally all that I thought about. Even to this day I worry about it from time to time, even though I'm fairly sure it's bull****.
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