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Not really believing what people are saying?

I realized something today. When I hear/see individuals say things like "Just be yourself" or are supportive of rights, like LGBT for example, I pretty much ignore it, like it's not what they really mean. I have a hard time believing anybody when they say certain positive things, like do they really mean that? Like truly? I don't feel their intention one bit, and it's like in an argument when one side starts filtering out what the other one is saying (even though they're physically hearing it). I find it hard to believe they can be a good person (depending on the topic), like without an agenda.

Is there a name for this? Social suspicion? I wouldn't say it's paranoia, it's more like a general sense of not believing others are being authentic or such. I liken it if you had a doctor who smokes... doctors should be about promoting health; they shouldn't be smoking themselves. It makes them look hypocritical if they question their patients about smoking (which they probably should) and ultimately their words meaningless. I feel a disconnection from people in general, even if there isn't a strong anxiety component, and I'm not sure what to call it. It's like a mix of guardedness, not wanting to open up, and trying to find what I think I should be saying/doing, like the "acceptable"/"good" thing.
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I also feel that the majority of humanity is terribly compromised by social engineering, and possibly without any original thought's and emotion of their own. Just what they've been programmed to feel and falsely believe driving them subconsciously. Extensively manipulated sheeplized chattles. I think your wise to take notice. True self-hood is in short supply it seems. I'm pretty aware myself, but certainly not awakened to my truest self yet. Much healing to go. I practice the same guardedness and style of mindfulness myself. Also wise, yet rather challenging and exhaustive at times.
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