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Noise Anxiety

I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I was wondering about noise anxiety in any other members of the forum.
I have been doing some research on it, and found a number of usual symptoms that are related to noise anxiety, but not much on the topic as a whole. I have had some recent problems with this. The biggest symptom of this in my experience has been the sounds of drills or saws. This also can be attributed to dental anxiety, which is also a problem, but tends to manifest itself outside of the dental offices as well, meaning that i have troubles being around construction sites or even hearing the sounds of saws or drills through television screen. This noise, even if very low, usually triggers a reaction where I have to cover my ears, or leave.
The other strange noise related anxiety I tend to have is the sound of ripping paper towels. Again,this sound triggers a need to cover my ears or a flight response, setting my teeth on edge and making me feel extremely ill at ease.
Has anyone else had issues like this, and if so, have you found a way to make yourself feel more at ease when dealing with these noise anxieties?
Thank you for reading this, and for your time.
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I seem to recall somebody posting about a similar "noise phobia" perhaps a year ago or so.

If you want the true definition of LOUD simply fire a .357 Magnum at an indoor range, which is basically a concrete room. I wear the heaviest muffs available over ear plugs and it's still quite a bang. To put a .357 blast in context, it's louder than a rock concert and even tops a jet engine at full throttle. It makes a chainsaw seem quiet by comparison.

I have an extreme dental phobia, but it's not a noise issue. It's much more an issue that they like to do painful things. The sound of a dental drill scares me not because of the noise, but because of what's they're going to do with it. I'd be fine with an equally noisy drill going into wood; not at all fine with a drill that's going into me!
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The one sound I can think of right off the top of my head that I can't stand is the sound of bagpipes. This is gonna sound weird but it triggers this strange sensation in my bladder and I have to get away from it.

I also have kind of this thing where any sudden noise at all will cause me to freak out. I know most people have a startle response but mine is off the charts.
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