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My observations and untested theory of mania

I have been diagnosed Bipolar. But I haven't had an episode in many years. This post is more directed at people with mood disorders such as Bipolar or who are generally at risk of mania.

Do any of you think mania is a NORMAL human response when certain conditions have been met. By normal I mean everyone is subject or predisposed to it as part of our design. I feel it is a Normal form of a human EXCRETION but outputted from the unseen aspect of ourselves. When I mean the unseen aspect of ourselves I mean our emotions, inner disturbances, thoughts etc. The other aspect of our essence being our physical body. The physical body just kinda acts out this heightened energy excretion in our almost intoxicated like state.

Even among Bipolar specialists and other specialists of such debilitating conditions, they have not found a physical basis for such conditions.

If you notice the human being is a self purifying creature in many ways. Self purifying and always excreting things when necessary. Whether it be finger nails, nasal excretions, feces, urine and even in the unseen sense if we are disturbed we tell people about our problems we can't stand being in any form of pain or impure state. Anger is a good one, it's hard to keep in so it just comes out. Another example of self purification.

I feel that mania is simply another form of excretion and that's why it feels good but at a certain point becomes more irritating and unpleasant which I will attempt to explain shortly. So I'm mainly talking about mania here not hypomania although you might understand hypomania with this theory. When you see someone becoming manic I'm thinking what's happening is that they are actually going into an excretion process. Possibly due to excessive stress based on being a hugely disturbed person (if they are Bipolar that is one reason).

Now I do understand Mania can be triggered also by totally unrelated causes such as artificially through antidepressants as a undesired side effect. Or disturbance in sleep patterns, seasonal changes etc. So simply some type of huge change or shock and so the body responds by trying to re balance itself or excrete the stress or whatever.

But the fact that it can be caused by multiple causes even I think if you have no history of mania, it leads me to believe that everyone is predisposed or has the possibility of becoming manic and going into mania.

Now drugs such as sodium valporate are good because they stop the mania from proceeding into dangerous levels such as death from exhaustion. But it's interesting because it's the same drug they use for epilepsy and I was amazed because apparently in some epileptic fits you shouldn't interfere with the fit unless wise to do so as this energy needs to be released. Again it looks like fits are a form of excretion too although I think they have a physical basis.

Also if you use the analogy of sexual arousal, it seems to mirror bipolar mood fluctuations quite well and could give insight into what's going on.

Mood fluctuations occur before mania which could be compared to sexual arousal. The mood state keeps going higher just like the progression of sexual arousal. The fluctuations reach a point where an extreme happens. In Bipolar the excretion or extreme state can be compared to being well into a manic episode and with sexual arousal the excretion is the actual orgasm. Both involve a course, fluctuations, excretions, bliss and extremes.

Mood in general goes up and down as does the course and experience of sexual arousal. It has extremes, in between states and etc.

Extremes in general always have a cause. An extreme in sexual arousal prompting someone to seek to relieve themselves to induce an ejaculation (I don't need to talk about how that happens). Similarly an extreme or rising in mood fluctuations have a cause too.

Simply put something is causing these fluctuations that are rising into manic states and for you to know that you need to look inside your heart and sort out yourself to stop them reoccurring. Maybe they are deeply rooted in you or you are exposed with triggers.

That's my theory.

I think it's wise to point out that if an orgasm doesn't come out for whatever reason there is high irritability and I believe something similar happens in the course of mania. The two processes seem to mirror each other well.

Some manic episodes could reoccur due to unresolved inner disturbances. If you were to leave yourself without having an orgasm you would have one in your sleep. Again, part of our self purification system. The same thing with an unresolved inner disturbance, the sufferer just excretes the toxic negativity within them involuntarily because the stress/filth needs to come out.

We can't stand being in pain especially emotional pain. That's why some people unfortunately self harm.

I feel the simple response to people with Bipolar is to look inside their heart and see what it is that is disturbing them and resolve it. In addition to other standard treatments. For this you need time for yourself and to love yourself and go on a journey. You are important.

Along with taking care of their health and making necessary healthy changes whether it be in their environments, diets or whatever.

Toxicity inside shouldn't be there. Any reoccurring excretion is a process of self-purification. Any repeated self-purification that shouldn't be repeating means the source of the toxicity needs to be addressed.
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Originally Posted by AbbasGreen View Post

We can't stand being in pain especially emotional pain. That's why some people unfortunately self harm.
Congratulations, you've just discovered why religion was invented by humans. Add to the fact that our egos can't deal with non existence.
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