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-MISOPHONIA- Not sure where to put this question...

Hi all,
I have possibly a stupid question, and I know little about this subject, so please bear with me.

How did you all develop this condition?
I have an older friend who suffers from a severe case of Misophonia, and because of the considerable amount of time we spend together, I have become more and more aware of noises which affect him. It started off simply being so that I could refrain from making these noises, but because of my awareness of these noises, i have started noticing them in my day to day life as well. It has gotten to the point where if in class I hear a pen clicking in class, i have to ask that person to stop, and if it continues, I start to get quite annoyed and can experience mild ear pain. (I have also experienced this with tapping, keys jingling, etc)
So what I want to ask is, is it possible to develop Misophonia due to increased awareness of triggers? Is it possible i could have Misophonia?

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I developed it at around age 8. How it works is the part of the brain called the limbic system, finds the trigger noises to be a threat, and triggers the fight or flight response. It is normal to be annoyed by pen clicking etc once it's pointed out, but people with misophonia can have increased heart beat, sweating, etc, and in extreme cases, unwanted sexual arousal, in response to trigger sounds. So unless you feel these symptoms, I think it is highly unlikely you developed misophonia in this way.
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I guess keeping track of sounds when around someone and worrying about stressing them out could build a negative association with those sounds in yourself. I'm not sure you are at that level though. I would agree that just paying attention to sounds more may be causing you to get annoyed easier rather than the actual disorder.

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